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Ashampoo® 3D CAD Architecture 2

Current version of the high-quality planning software comes with numerous new features

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Quantities Plug-in: Keep track of things

The Quantities Plug-in displays a digital compilation of data providing room-specific information such as dimensions in 2D/3D view and allows for a deeper evaluation of the planning process according to the German DIN 277 and the ‘Wohnflächenverordnung’ (Residential Space Ordinance). The program generates lists in different formats that can be adjusted to your own design if required. With the Quantities Plug-in transparency of large projects will be enhanced, thus facilitating the planning process while creating a genuine added value for the customers.

The Quantities Plug-in comprises the following features:
  • Create lists in different formats like PDF, RTF, EXCEL and HTML to help analyze your planning process. Content and design can be customized via file-export and integrated list-design module
  • Display of current surface areas to fully comprehend formulas and countercheck measurements
  • Visual check of volume and surface areas in 2D and 3D view
  • Calculation results can be displayed individually for each floor, building component and method of calculation by using a tree view

List of brand-new features

Design your own individual surface

With the new Surface design tool for 3D surfaces you are able to create e.g. tiled sections, facade elements, working surfaces and pre-wall installations from different angles, and best of all - it’s as easy as a walk in the park. Additionally, the free input method editor generates any surface for every possible usage.

Creative building planning

From now on users can move, stretch, turn, mirror and copy whole buildings or stories, thus giving them the freedom to finalize their planning process even faster.

Add ‘smooth’ shadows to any light source

Types of light like ambient, point and spot can now be accentuated with ‘smooth’ shadows, thereby creating even more photo-realistic visualizations of 3D CAD models. Interiors appear to be even more authentic and fire the user’s imagination while creating new interiors.

Extended 2D functionality

Make your everyday life easier by using the brand-new 2D functions of Ashampoo’s CAD software, like for example:
  • Line trimming
  • Parallel copies
  • Drawing parallel lines
  • Edit points for 2D elements
  • Add and delete polygon points
  • Scaling of 2D elements
  • Trimming of intersecting lines
  • Automatic identification of line and polyline intersections with the help of given lines, polylines and reference lines. It is also possible to erase single line segments between intersecting points

Improved planning and construction process

With the new version Ashampoo’s 3D CAD offers data input assistance during planning and construction phase. Specific tools provide support and enable numeric input, wall modification, 3D object rotation during input and height modification.

In addition, all available tools can be activated or deactivated through dedicated keys.

Solar elements now with own catalogue

For on-roof- and in-roof-mounting purposes users can choose between various solar modules and solar panels. It is also possible to switch perspective to top view and enter a value for the offset command.

Take a tour around your virtual building

A walkthrough from an ego perspective enables users to fully explore their CAD projects. Similar to well-known computer games it is possible to change actor speed and keyboard settings.

A wider range of possibilities for kitchen and bathroom design

Let your imagination run wild: Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 2 features more than 50 new 3D objects for kitchen and bathroom areas as well as for other areas of the house!

Further advancements in CAD technology

  • Bars for window construction available
  • Move objects from one layer to another via context menu
  • Editable polygon points for rooftops
  • For dimensioning purposes the program offers extended display modes, circles, margin arrows, the positioning of dimension lines and distance adjustment
  • Enhanced positioning of 3D objects
  • Angle adjustment for 2D mouse rotation, selection of reference points and reference axis
  • Move guidelines as you prefer
  • Illustration of stairway entrance with circle elements
  • Reference points of item texts editable
  • Press mouse wheel to pan in 2D view
  • Support for imperial system of measurements
  • Add, delete or move polygon points for 2D polygons or ceiling polygons. Reposition head and tail of a line
  • Create BOM (Bill of material) for 3D objects
  • Catalogue’s predefined texture measurements revised and now fully adjustable
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