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Every new language is like an open door, through which we connect with our neighbors all over the world!

Further languages to download

Download here additional or corrected languages, that weren't available at the time of the program installation.

Please note: Search the folder "lang" or "Translation" in the installation folder of the program. Save the desired language file there. If necessary, please restart your program to be able to select the newly added language in the settings.

Our special thanks to everyone, who supports us with their translations!
Language Translator Added Download
Dutch Dick Waanders 2012/01/09 Download here
Bulgarian Mark Van Doich 2008/07/15 Download here
Portuguese (Brazilian) Erik de Carvalho Machado 2009/10/23 Download here
Catalan Josep-Albert 2007/10/29 Download here
Thai Mint Hongmanee 2008/07/16 Download here

Thanks to our translators

  • German German (Ashampoo)
  • English English (Ashampoo)
  • Dutch Dutch (Richard Rozendaal)
  • French French (Frédéric Aubry)
  • Hungarian Hungarian (László Koncz)
  • Russian Russian (Mikhail Derckatch)
  • Polish Polish (Szymon Sobkowiak)
  • Italian Italian ( Ab3l.No $ goth)
  • Spanish Spanish (Miguel Blasco)
  • Turkish Turkish (Erhan Burhan)
  • Czech Czech (Honza)
  • Chinese (simplified) Chinese (simplified) (Smilefly )
  • Ukrainian Ukrainian (Alex Lekh)
  • Arabic Arabic (Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi )
  • Dansk Dansk (Rasmus Bertelsen)
  • Croatian Croatian (Čedomir Dorešić)
  • Greek Greek (Heppocrates Giakoumis)
  • Rumanian Rumanian (Laurentiu Anisie)

You can't find an Ashampoo product in your language?

Would you prefer to work with an Ashampoo product in your language?

Can't find your language in the application?
Would you prefer to have the program appear in your language?
Then use the Ashampoo Translation Studio to edit, translate or mangle all the texts used in the program to your heart's content!

Send your language files to Ashampoo!

If you translate your version of the program into your own language then please send the language files to via e-mail and after review your translation will be added to the installation setup of the application.

You enjoy translating and would like to provide a translation for your fellow countrymen and countrywomen? Then send your language file by e-mail to After a short check your translation will be integrated into the setup of the corresponding program and will be offered for download worldwide.

Ashampoo® Translation Studio Installation Setup

The setup contains the language editor itself and a how-to which explains how-to localise Ashampoo products using the Ashampoo Translation Studio.

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