Ashampoo® Home Design 6

Ashampoo®  Home Design 6

The 3D home designer for you

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Height dimensioning with values above sea level in sections and views
Plan roof-mounted photovoltaic installations easily
Mirror objects and 2D symbols with ease
Native 64-bit support - more speed, more stability
More intuitive with multifunctional ribbons
Smart, well-structured open and save dialogs with details view
Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used features
Advanced project diagnosis tool: Find and fix errors with ease
Design views: 2D, 3D, Cross-section
3D constructions: 7 primitives, extrusion/rotation/sweep/subtraction solids
Building components: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, openings, slots, skylights, solar elements, chimneys, beams
Measurements: Metric and imperial with precise dimensions
Input aids: Customizable reference points, construction aids, angle grid
Exterior lighting simulation
Freely positionable camera and viewing angles
Design & Construction Tools
New numeric input tools for windows and doors
New numeric edit tools for walls, windows, and doors
3D raster elements for huge spaces
Ingenious 3D area processing
Roofing Wizard: Various material, cladding, rafters, eaves and gables settings, 7 dormer types
Stair Generator: 3 solid and wooden types (straight, geometrical, landing), handrails, wellholes
Topography Designer: 6 forms (hill, swale, plateau, wall, trench, slope)
Topography Designer: 4 terrain elements (bed, way, terrace, water course)
Customizable contours
Catalog (Object Library)
Catalog with groups of pre-assembled garages, kitchen units, garden sheds, and saunas
Additional window and door parts, shutter boxes, blinds, borders
More than 1,200 new 3D objects
New group catalog with more than 250 ready-made groups
Access to multiple new objects through Google Sketchup and Collada model import
Over 380 new symbols for electrical, gas, water and security appliances
Construction elements: Doors, profiles, windows, solar elements, constructions (e.g. balconies, carports)
Objects 3D: Exterior (e.g. garages, garden appliances)
Objects: 2D (cars, people, plants, animals)
Components (windows, doors, columns, tiles, girder)
Interior (e.g. kitchen and bathroom appliances), people, basic forms, signboards
Textures: Exterior (grounds, grass etc.)
Building (wood, metal, plaster etc.)
2D Symbols: Various symbols from different areas including appliances, building elements and other

Only £44.99
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Ashampoo® Home Design 6

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