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Check compatibility and install Windows 11

Check your Windows 11 compatibility and enable OS installation

Ashampoo Windows 11 Check & Enable checks your PC for Windows 11 compatibility. Even if your PC doesn't meet all the requirements, the program can still allow you to install and run Windows 11.

By default, Windows 11 will only run on PCs that meet the minimum requirements. First, Windows 11 Check & Enable quickly analyzes your hardware and reports possible compatibility issues. The program then goes deeper to find out if Windows 11 will still run on your machine regardless. In the event of an incompatible CPU or missing TPM 2.0 support, Windows 11 Check & Enable can still enable the installation since the more prevalent TPM 1.20 will also suffice. Windows 11 Check & Enable adds two Registry entries to your system to enable the installation of Windows 11 on officially unsupported systems. Note that, if you install Windows 11 on an officially unsupported system, Microsoft will no longer support your PC and it won't be entitled to receive updates. The verification process in Windows 11 Check & Enable includes TPM (trusted platform module) as well as all installed or connected components, and relevant configurations. The following hardware components and configurations are inspected: CPU, RAM, hard disk, display resolution, graphics card, DirectX, WDDM, TPM, UEFI, SecureBoot. If your PC fails in any of these categories, you'll be notified along with possible fixes. Even though the installation of Windows 11 backed by Windows 11 Check & Enable is legally safe, we recommend (as with any major upgrade!) that you back up your machine with Ashampoo Backup Pro 16 prior to the OS upgrade. This will take care of the risks generally involved with any major system upgrade.

- Processor
- Hard Drive Space
- Screen resolution
- Graphic card
- DirectX12
- TPM2.0
- SecureBoot
System requirements
Operating System:

Windows 10


Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.


Full administrative rights are required to use the program.

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

Windows 11; Microsoft;Processor;RAM;Hard Drive Space;Screen resolution;Graphic card; DirectX12; WDDM2;TPM2.0; UEFI;SecureBoot;
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Development: Ashampoo Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Technical contact: Jörg Risse, Carsten Muth, Ina Garbe, Bastian von Halem & Holger Lübben