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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 - brilliant photos with just one click!

German software specialist Ashampoo has released Photo Optimizer 7, a compact image processing software with a new and optimized interface usable by anyone. Users seeking fast results without having to spend hours with complicated image processing programs will feel right at home. The unbeatable results are achieved through intelligent image analysis that detects weak points such as incorrect exposure, lack of contrasts or faulty coloring automatically. Highly effective optimization is then applied at the push of a button. Aside from the greatly enhanced optimization engine, Photo Optimizer 7 now also includes automatic white balance and contrast spreading.

In addition to individual edits, batch processing can be used to optimize a large number of photos in one go. For fine-tuning, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 offers precisely adjustable functions to rotate and crop photos, straighten horizons, add watermarks, apply numerous effects, enhance contrast and saturation or apply color correction and various custom styles. In addition, blemishes such as red eyes, skin impurities and stains can be removed very easily. Thanks to the logical program structure, functions are never more than two clicks way so there's virtually no training time required for mediocre shots to turn into stunning photos.

The best functions at a glance:
• Greatly improved one-click optimization
• Optimization of multiple images with just one click
• Automatic contrast spreading for best results
• Compact image processing program for fast results
• Eye-friendly and ergonomic surface
• Easy sending and uploading
• Effective tooth whitening and removal of red eye and skin impurities
• Intuitive handling through clean program interface
• Free rotation, cropping and straightening of images
• Customizable before and after view

Automatic image optimization

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7's optimization technology may seem like magic. Fantastic results are achieved through in-depth image analysis. Digital cameras in particular often cause a blue cast which can make photos look too cold or lacking contrast. Photo Optimizer 7's algorithm detects weak points such as pale colors, incorrect exposure or unsuitable color temperature and fixes them automatically. For the first time, Photo Optimizer now also takes white balance and contrast spread into account and enhances these settings where appropriate. The results are brilliant and radiant, just as you would expect from a good photo.

Logical program structure

A lot of thought and care has been put into the new user interface of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 by the developers. To eliminate training times, each function is now never more than two clicks away and therefore easy to find. There are no more nested menus in Photo Optimizer 7. Everything is immediately visible and logically arranged and the new dark design was especially created to reduce eye strain.

Practical image export

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 comes with with multiple image export options. Photos can easily be sent by e-mail or uploaded to Ashampoo® Web free of charge to share them with others. In addition, particularly beautiful photos can also be set as desktop backgrounds in no time. With the sophisticated print dialog, photos can also easily be saved for posterity even using a little paper as possible, if requested.

Natural portraits

Photos of faces are frequently the focus of photography and should look as stunning as possible. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 features automatic and manual red eye removal and also whitens teeth for a radiant smile. The handy stain removal and cloning feature are ideal to fix minor defects. Perfectly natural-looking portraits are now just a few clicks away.

Developed in cooperation with customers

With active community participation from 5,000 people, Photo Optimizer 7 differs significantly from other image editing programs. Customers have rated numerous image pairs for quality and thus supported the team enormously in their refinement of Photo Optimizer's automatic optimization technology. And 5,000 customers can't be wrong. With Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7, anyone can achieve stunning photos. So why spend hours with complicated image processing programs when brilliant photos are just one click away?

Meta description:
With Photo Optimizer 7, German software specialist Ashampoo offers a compact image optimization solution with a streamlined interface for anyone seeking fast results without the need to spend hours with complicated image processing programs.

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