Ashampoo® Privacy Inspector

    Ashampoo Privacy Inspector reveals what Windows doesn't want to show you!
    Windows keeps extensive logs about what you do and when you do it on your PC–offline and online. So what gets logged a...
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    Ashampoo® WebCam Guard

    One-click protection against prying eyes!
    Even the greats of the IT industry tape over their webcam! The thought that someone else might take control of the web...
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    Ashampoo® AntiSpy Pro

    Stop the user tracking in Windows and other software! The logical complement to your anti-virus software
    Windows is known as a telemetry hog for a reason. Telemetry data helps Windows get to know you and your habits bette...
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    Ashampoo® AntiSpy for Windows 10

    More privacy for your Windows® 10!
    Configure security settings Protect your privacy Disable location services Prevent Windows® 10 fro...
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