O&O Defrag 25 Pro

O&O Defrag 25 Pro

Optimize hard disks and SSDs

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Windows 8
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Is it possible to make an already well-engineered defragmentation software even better?

With continued use, PCs inevitable suffer from slowdowns. File fragmentation is mostly to blame, with file fragments causing poor file access times and diminishing the lifespan of your hard disks and SSDs. O&O Defrag takes care of this issue. You'll work faster, your hardware will live longer and your overall PC work experience improve significantly.

Defragment your hard disks, and SSDs (NEW), with O&O Defrag and speed up your work flows. During defragmentation, file fragments are reassembled to enable up to 100% faster read speeds.

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The new defragmentation method SOLID/COMPLETE: SSDs save file fragments on morememory cells than needed. The resource and hardware friendly SOLID/COMPLETE method defragments these file fragments so that only the number of memory cells required will be used for reading and writing in the future. SOLID/COMPLETE can be used on both SSDs as well as harddisks.

  • NEW: Notification of your PCs health
  • NEW: Drive activity display in the Windows taskbar
  • NEW: Revamped Design

New function “Install & That’s All”:

After installation, no further settings need to be configured. The programselects and implements the defragmentation method best suited to the system.

New SOLID method

By customer request, O&O Software has developed the defragmentation method SOLID in order to offer the user a choice adapted to his or her needs: SOLID/Complete and SOLID/Quick. Both methods sustainably extend the life of the SSD but differ in terms of the duration and protection of the hardware.


The brand new in-built O&O DiskCleaner searches for and removes temporary and unnecessary files that are taking up memory and increasing fragmentation. O&O DiskCleaner also increases the security of your data, as private content (e.g. Thumbs.db, copies of documents, drafts of emails, Dumps) will no longer be kept as copies in unnecessary system files.

Benefits of a clearly laid out hard disk

Whenever it saves data, Windows scatters file fragments all over the hard disk and this slows down access times considerably. Defragmentation reverses this by rearranging data and speeding up access times dramatically. This not only saves the user time, it also reduces wear on hard disks and extends their life expectancy. Defragmentation can even make the difference if you lose important data because chances of full recovery are better on a defragmented disk. Why? After defragmentation, it’s easier for data recovery software such as O&O DiskRecovery to restore files when they’re not scattered across multiple areas of a hard disk.

Automatic background defragmentation

Automatic defragmentation can be configured with just three clicks and optimizes your disks behind the scenes with no negative impact on your computer’s performance. You can set O&O Defrag to run defragmentation at a certain level of fragmentation, on particular days of the week, or whenever your screensaver is being used. Defragmentation can be paused and resumed whenever you want because O&O Defrag automatically recognizes where defragmentation was interrupted.

Recommended use

We recommend manual defragmentation for PCs that are being used heavily because only a user can decide when the time is right to give up the performance needed for running defragmentation. On computers using video editing or graphics applications, O&O Defrag can be configured to not start automatic optimization while certain programs are running. The default settings in O&O Defrag are more than adequate for ordinary desktop PCs running mainly internet or office applications. O&O Defrag is also perfect for notebooks. Whenever an external power supply is disconnected, O&O Defrag automatically goes into pause mode to save energy


  • SOLID/Quick: quick and gentle surface optimization for SSDs that also wipes free space
  • SOLID/Complete: optimized algorithm that provides thorough disk cleaning for SSDs
  • SSD ClusterView: reports the level of fragmentation for SSDs faithfully and reliably
  • O&O DiskCleaner: detects and removes temporary and unnecessary files that consume space and increase fragmentation
  • Identifies most heavily fragmented files with Fragment Filter
  • Wipes free space to protect your privacy
  • Reduces and optimizes VM and SAN memory usage with Thin Provisioning
  • Time line to review the optimization effect of individual defrag activities
  • Easy to use: perfect for beginners and professionals
  • Improves system and application startup times
  • Up to 40% faster defragmentation
  • Defragments locked files
  • Efficiently prevents future disk fragmentation
  • Prolongs hardware lifespan
  • Speeds up web browsing
  • Improves your chances to recover lost files
  • Speeds up backup and file recovery processes
  • Defragments your PC at the click of a button
Only NZ$41.08
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O&O Defrag 25 Pro

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