Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15

Ashampoo®  Backup Pro 15

The backup solution for optimal security

Windows 10
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One thing you'll notice right away with Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15: A lot has changed–for the better! The user interface has been decluttered and now focuses on essential items. Your backup plans now show up in a dedicated menu with lots of room for important information and little details. By customer request, we've also added presets that include all the necessary settings to instantly create powerful backup plans. A single click is all it takes! Existing, and burgeoning, backup professionals will appreciate the new details view that tells you absolutely everything you need to know about your backups. The program manual is now online and also available as a printable PDF, which will be particularly useful in the event of a major system crash. And thanks to numerous enhancements under the hood, Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15 is our most stable and performant backup solution yet. Just see for yourself!

Where can I backup to?
Local hard disks
Removable storage devices
1&1 Cloud
Google Drive
Strato HiDrive (WebDav)
Deutsche Telekom Mediencenter
Online storage
Network-attached storage devices (NAS)
Any cloud storage provider that supports WebDAV
What can I backup?
New handy presets for backup plans
Partitions and hard disks
Backup and restore entire Windows systems
Files and folders
Network drives
Windows Mail, calendar & contacts (App)
Smart rules for Microsoft Outlook
Smart rules for Mozilla Thunderbird
Smart rules for Google Chrome
Smart rules for Microsoft Edge
Smart rules for Internet Explorer
Smart rules for Firefox
How are backups created?
Disk image (backup images to restore your Windows system)
1:1 file copies with comparison and integrity check
Complete (full system backups with easy data recovery)
Incremental (50% smaller backups through Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup technology)
Based on file types (backup custom file types, e.g. images, videos, documents)
Versioning (backup entire file histories automatically)
Proactive (backup process will pause automatically at high CPU loads
Automatic synchronization (background service)
Only $29.99
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Ashampoo® Backup Pro 15

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