Franzis HDR projects 7

Franzis HDR projects 7

Fascination HDR photography - make your photos shine!

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Only $20
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Best HDR image quality of all time

No camera can keep up with HDR projects! Thanks to the unique HDR technology, you can create fantastically exposed images even in difficult lighting situations. And it doesn't matter whether you work with exposure series or only with single images. With the numerous innovations and improvements, it is now even easier for you to obtain professional results.

  • New: Ultra-HDR mode for difficult lighting conditions
  • New tone mappings for the HDR styles
  • Tone value compression, like human color perception
  • New: Extensions in every mode
  • Scaled saving of images

The highlight of HDR technology

In the new version of HDR projects, there are many improvements and extensions. You are guaranteed to find something new in every mode, whether in selective drawing, HDR Painter, expert mode, etc. Sit back and let the program do the work for you. A suitable HDR style and the right preset are quickly found. So you get the best exposure in every picture!

  • NEW: Ultra-HDR Mode
  • NEW: Tone mapping, like human color perception
  • NEW: Extension of the HDR styles
  • NEW: Presets for the HDR weight distribution
  • NEW: Color filter in Selective Drawing
  • NEW: Scaled saving of images
  • 124 finely tuned image suggestions (presets)
  • Best image quality: Clean HDR images without image noise
  • Works with exposure series or simply with a single image
  • Time saver: Guaranteed quick sense of achievement
  • Stand-alone - you don't need any other image editing program

HDR is better than any camera sensor

You take a photo of a scene and wonder why the picture on the monitor looks different, somehow boring? HDR technology helps out of a tight spot! Take several pictures with different exposures, you don't need a tripod! Or - even easier - even use only one single image. Load your images into HDR projects and let the program put the images together.

Finally, clean HDR images

The HDR technology leader goes one step further. For the first time, an HDR program works with Smart Detail Enhancement (SDE). This intelligent detail enhancement detects noise or other image disturbances in the image. And exactly this noise information is then excluded from the detail enhancement - the actual HDR process. Thus, only the image information that deserves it is amplified. Dirty HDR images are a thing of the past!

Improved tone mapping for realistic results

In HDR projects 7, there is a brand new color fidelity tone mapping that generates tone value compression that has never existed before! This is based on the color perception of the human eye and thus ensures a detailed result. Thanks to this function, you will no longer be like that You can quickly get the impression that your recording looks less impressive on the screen. The new tone mappings now also support the HDR styles, according to which all presets (image samples) are aligned, so you can have your own style and a realistic look in a single image unite.

Improvements & extensions in each mode

Convince yourself of the new possibilities in HDR projects. You will always get the best possible result, thanks to the various optimizations in:

  • Edit mode: New HDR styles, presets and preset categories
  • Expert mode: New tone mapping, new layer distortion methods, and smart mask filter
  • Scratch and sensor error correction module: New quality modes
  • Selective drawing: New color filters + enhancements
  • HDR-Painter: New presets for HDR-weighting distribution
Franzis HDR projects 7

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