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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro - A new way to enhance videos quickly and easily

With Video Optimizer Pro, Ashampoo releases a feature-rich easy to use program for both novice and experienced Microsoft Windows users. The program offers huge time savings for video editing with smart automatic features that help fix noise, camera shakes, lens distortion and blurriness. The built-in editor supports rotating, cropping and merging of video clips while multiple filters provide instant polish. In terms of video optimization, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro can easily compete with more expensive suites while requiring no previous knowledge.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro core features:

• Time-saving video enhancements

• Contrast and color optimization

• Fixes blurriness, digital noise and flicker

• Stabilizes footage and removes lens distortion

• Freely rotates and crops videos

• Supports slow motion and time lapse

• Quick and advanced edit modes for beginners and experienced users

• Quick access to multiple video enhancement features

• Better video quality for cellphone, digital camera, drone and action cam footage

Quick and advanced editing modes
Even experienced videographers and users of complex video editors will appreciate Optimizer Pro's simple mode that features batch processing for fast results while supporting individual settings for each video. The cleverly selected presets ensure significant image improvements without the need for user intervention. Likewise, advanced mode supports a wealth of time-saving features often unavailable or only partially available in other video editors but without their complexity.

Also ideal for action cams and drones
The program is not only perfect for cellphones or digital cameras but also for action cams and drones. Thanks to its built-in fisheye removal and image stabilization features, users can spend more time filming outside and less time editing their videos inside. Distortions caused by wide-angle lenses usually found in action and drone cams are fixed almost instantly and the program comes with presets for all common models like GoPro Hero, Drift HD Ghost, Garmin VIRB as well as customizable device profiles. With image stabilization, even handheld shots taken in motion will become smoother and more realistic. Since especially action cams often run at 60 fps, Ashampoo Video Optimizer features speed manipulation for slow motion or time lapse effects.

Other features in Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro
The new Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro does not skimp on video optimization features and all essential features are instantly accessible. Contrast and color optimization adds more vibrancy and vividness to videos making them more interesting and realistic. White balance helps create warmer or colder moods and light and shadow manipulation supports selective editing along with a vignette effect. Multiple visual effects help add an individual touch, like tilt-shift that create a miniature effect. Other features include noise reduction and sharpening as well as clip rotation and cropping. Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro also features deflickering for time-lapse footage shot in poor lighting. Furthermore, videos can be augmented with meta information and exported as individual cuts or compilations, thanks to built-in video cutting. When using batch processing, it takes just one click to process multiple files in one go.

Supported file formats and languages
The program supports all common formats and codecs in various resolutions including HD, 2K, 2.7K and 4K for input files. Output formats include MP4 (h264), WMV, Motion JPEG, GIF, WebM and uncompressed AVI in all resolutions including HD, 2K, 2.7K and 4K at high bitrates. The user interface supports German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Meta description:
With Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro, German software developer Ashampoo releases a new feature-rich yet easy to use video optimization suite that offers huge time savings for beginners and professionals alike. The program stabilizes shaky footage, optimizes colors and contrasts and sharpens blurry recordings. Digital noise or flicker resulting from poor lighting is also fixable with great ease.

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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The software is available for $69.99