Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 2019
Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 2019

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One-click photo editing

Photo editing doesn't have to be time-consuming! With Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019, all it takes is a single click to improve your photos significantly. The integrated image optimization auto-detects dull colors, unsuitable color tempatures or poor exposure and instantly fixes these defects! The software even features a more advanced anlaysis to auto-optimize white exposure and contrast spreads. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, this photo editing software is your weapon of choice to optimize your photos!

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Save time with automatic photo editing

Upon returning from a vacation trip or party, we often end up with dozens of photos. But who has time to review all of them much less edit them to perfection? Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 takes this load of your shoulders! Select the image(s) to be optimized, hit "Optimize" and you're done! This image editing software does all the heavy lifting for you, including image analysis, and presents you with a neat preview of the finished results. When you're satisfied, hit "Save". It's that simple!

White balance and contrast spread modifications

White balance affects the color temperature of your images and has a significant impact on the viewing experience. Digital cameras tend to produce a blue cast that makes images feel cold unnatural. A lack in contrast is another common issue that produces to dull and bleak results. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019's image processing algorithm remedies these flaws fully automatically so your images will apear warmer and more vibrant. What other photo editor does that for you?

Individual color correction

Even though auto-optimization generally produces great results, you can always make manual adjustments. The feature set goes far beyond automatic features! Adjust colors, brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, hue and gamma settings either through convenient sliders or manual input. Modifications can be undone at the click of a button so feel free to experiment!

Crop and resize

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019 can also resize your images or crop individual portions with pixel precision. Cropping is done through a selection rectangle with support for various aspect ratios. Not only will you end up with beautifully optimized but also perfectly sized photos!

Rotate and print

It only takes a single click to correct image orientation or mirror images. Simply pick your images and select the required operation. These features are especially handy and time-saving as part of the built-in batch processing tool! Printing is equally easy to use and supports printing multiple photos on a single page with custom page margins and image settings.

Image editing
Significantly improved image optimization
Smart white balancing
Automatic contrast stretching for best results
Auto-optimize images
Rotate freely
Mirror and rotate images
Color correction
Eye-friendly ergonomic user interface
Logical and intuitive program structure
Super easy program handling and navigation

Free full version

Original price: kr. 199.00

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Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 2019
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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019