Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 4: Rejuvenation and optimization for digital photos

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 is the perfect tool for the optimization and editing of digital photos – uncomplicated, comfortable and even for inexperienced users simple and easy to use. With just one mouse click faded and low-contrast digital pictures can be whipped into shape without being introduced to the secrets of photo editing.

Facts and features at a glance:
- Ashampoo® Optimizer 4 is released
- Single license price: USD 14.99 / EUR 14.99 / AUD 14.99 / CAD 14.99 / CHF 18.99.
- NEW: Split screen for a before and after comparison
- NEW: Several effects (Median, Outline, Age image, Sharpen etc.)
- NEW: Export options (Facebook, Picasa)
- NEW: Watermarks
- NEW: Touch screen support

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Improved user-friendliness
The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 provides a spilt screen for a direct before and after comparison. With this changes to pictures can be directly compared with the original.
Furthermore, there is an integrated image viewer with a directory tree in an Explorer style. This enables a quick access to pictures that are stored on different drives or in different folders.
As a special treat, the new version of the Ashampoo Photo Optimizer also supports touch screens.

New tools for editing
The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 contains an improved red eye correction, several new effects (median, outline, age image etc.), color correction, rotating and mirroring of photos, file formats can be converted and lots more. Of course, the popular one click optimization is on board again. With this it’s possible to optimize a single picture or now even several pictures in batch mode.
Color correction can also be done manually and with new effects, such as Reduce noise and Sharpen, further improvements in quality can be achieved.

New export options
The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 offers different export options so that pictures can be easily uploaded to Facebook or Picasa. In order to protect photos from the unwanted distribution on the Internet, they can be watermarked.

Automatic backups
Undesirable changes to the original can be undone at any time with just one click. The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 4 backups all original pictures automatically.

Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 4: 40 days free trial
Ashampoo Photo Commander 4 runs on Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7. The trial version (36.51 MB) can be tested for 10 days. With a free online registration the trial period can be extended by 30 days. A single license costs USD 14.99 / EUR 14.99 / AUD 14.99 / CAD 14.99 / CHF 18.99.

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