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Ashampoo Photo Commander 16: View, edit and present your photos

(Oldenburg, September 25th, 2017 ) With over 200 features, Ashampoo Photo Commander is widely regarded as a multi-talent for viewing, editing and organizing images. Along with a sleek App-like menu, multiple new features such as exporting and editing metadata, sorting by decades, an adaptive menu, a panorama feature, PNG animations and the ability to scan multiple pages in a single pass have been added in version 16. The new PNG optimizer is the ideal solution to radically reduce file sizes and save bandwidth on the Internet. New filter options have also been added for quicker searching through large collections. Slideshows now support 4K resolutions and additional music formats and effects. Similar to YouTube, the integrated video player now features instant previews. Numerous new features and enhancements such as lightning fast zooms, the massively accelerated search for duplicate files and many others will lead to a significantly more efficient and smoother work flow for all users.

• Adaptive menu for quick access to frequently used features
• Panorama feature for widescreen photos
• Flexible group view with easy file selection and decade-based view
• New filters / search combinations and versatile calendars with custom start / end months
• PNG Optimizer for drastic file size reduction and bandwidth savings
• Creative image editing for beginners and professionals
• Batch-processing and RAW support for professional cameras
• Additional format support, new effects and 4K resolutions for slideshows
• Create multi-page PDF documents from single-pass scans
• Automatic image optimization and recovery
• Video playbar with real-time image previews
• Export and edit metadata
• More details at http://www.ashampoo.com/products/2118

Automatic image editing, panorama and slideshow feature

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 introduces breath-taking widescreen panorama photos. Over-exposed or grayed-out photos can now be turned into eye-catchers in no time. Multiple new motives help with creating stunning photo cards and slideshows now support 4K resolutions and additional transition effects instantly viewable with the new video playbar and live previews. As a space-saving alternative to GIF animations, Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 now supports PNG animations to join the latest trend. PNG-Optimizer can drastically reduce file sizes and optimize files for use on mobile devices.

Enhanced organization and sorting features for photo collections

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 combines location and time-based searches for even quicker results. The group view is more flexible and now supports quick file selection. Long-time photographers will appreciate the decade-based view. IPTC and EXIF data is now displayed in the status bar to meet the needs of many users and the search for duplicate files has also been greatly accelerated as requested. Furthermore, multiple pages can now be scanned in one pass and converted into multi-page PDF documents. Zooming has been sped up as well.

Along with many well-established features, Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 comes with multiple performance and efficiency enhancements to make life easier for beginners and professionals alike. The software is now available for $49.99 for new users and $16.00 for owners of a previous version. The program is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.