The powerful file manager for your iPhone

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Move music, contacts, notes, photos and more between iOS, Android and PC devices with AnyTrans!

AnyTrans breaks device boundaries and builds data highways between all of your devices. Transfer your files across cellphones, tablets and PCs. Whether it's iOS, Android or Windows, AnyTrans bridges the gap. Back up files from your cellphone to your PC, move your cellphone data over to a new smartphone or clean and manage your device. AnyTrans has got you covered!

  • Hassle-free file management across cellphones, cloud services and PCs
  • Unrestricted file transfers
  • Rid cellphones and tablets of clutter and back up your files to PC or the cloud
  • Download videos on your PC and watch them on your cellphone or tablet
  • Unrestricted file transfers

The powerful file manager for your iPhone

Not all important data like photos, messages, contacts, apps, videos and audio files are backed up by iTunes or iCloud. With AnyTrans, all your photos, messages, app data and files will be backed up automatically, wirelessly, and securely on your computer. Backups will be created daily, weekly or monthly. Never worry about losing important data again.

Moving to a new cellphone?

Not only can you switch easily between devices with the same operating system but also between platforms, e.g. from iOS to Android. Your files will automatically be arranged in suitable folders and formats to fit the target platform. Save time and effort and make the transition as seamless as possible with AnyTrans!

Maximum safety for every device

AnyTrans values the safety of your files. Everything is SSL and 2FA-encrypted, the same protocol, used by Google for their services. In addition, every action needs your permission which is fully revocable should you change your mind. Maximum safety and comfort, that's what AnyTrans is all about!

Lightning fast data transfers

Thanks to our advanced Flash-Trans technology, your files are transferred to any location with incredible speed. It takes just six seconds to transfer up to 100 contacts between Android devices , no longer than twenty seconds, to export up to 200 photos to your computer and only one minute to import 200 of your favorite songs from your computer to your mobile device. AnyTrans is your high-speed solution for file transfers across device boundaries.

Download and enjoy videos on the go

Everyone has a favorite media site to watch videos. AnyTrans supports YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and other 900+ sites and lets you download any video you want while automatically converting it into a device-compatible format for you.

NZ$ 59.99
Only NZ$ 46.50
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System requirements:

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7


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