Ashampoo® Slideshow Studio HD 2
Experience your photos in a totally new way…in HD on your TV
Version 2.0.6, 2013/06/12

Revitalize your photos

Extracted from your digital camera and copied to the hard drive…there they are now, innumerable photos of parties, family gatherings, child births, class trips, vacations and lots of other occasions.
What are you going to do with all these precious mementos? Leave them to the digital nirvana? Never!
Get Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2, import your pictures and create a digital slideshow in no time. Show your slideshow on a TV or beamer projector using a PC, DVD or Blu-ray™ player or even a PlayStation®. Choose from a huge number of amazing effects for transitions from photo to photo, comment on your pictures by adding texts and add sentimental background music in order to astonish friends, family and acquaintances and that in brilliant HD quality.

Share your most memorable moments

Some of your friends or family weren't there to watch your slideshow? No problem!
Just upload your slideshow to YouTube™ and show your loved ones or even the whole world the places you went to, the most unforgettable moments or anything that's important to you.

Overview of highlights

  • Comfortable and easy handling
  • Spectacular picture transitions, opening and end credits, background music, subtitles etc.
  • Freely definable effects, panning and zooming (Ken Burns)
  • Slideshows in HD quality (720p and 1080p)
  • Output formats: MPEG-1,-2,-4, Facebook® compatible format etc.
  • Direct burning on DVD or Blu-ray Disc™
  • Upload directly to YouTube™

It's so easy to create your own slideshow

With only a few mouse clicks you can create spectacular slideshows according to your wishes from, for example, birthday, holiday or wedding pictures. You can add background music, texts, subtitles or themes, or edit transition settings and lots more. With Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2 it's possible to edit the transition duration and effect for each photo individually. Make your slideshow even more personal by adding credits at the beginning or at the end of your show.

Output formats

Regarding output formats and media you can choose from even more variants. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2 offers various output formats like for example MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or a Facebook compatible format. Burn a DVD or Blu-ray Disc in HD quality (720p or 1080p) and then show your slideshow on a TV or beamer projector. You could also share your great results with a larger audience. Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2 gives you the opportunity to upload your slideshow to YouTube automatically.

Improved Slideshow Editor

The slideshow editor contains a timeline that shows the entire slideshow sequence graphically. You can edit components on the timeline with Drag & Drop. In the slideshow editor you can rotate, edit display durations and show or hide all the elements you add to your slides, with individual fade-in and fade-out for each element. Now the slideshow editor offers more, comfortable functions to select and edit your photos:
  • Zoom into photos with Crtl + mouse wheel
  • Select the order of your photos when adding several files to the editor (Creation date / file date / alphanumeric)
  • Support of guide lines for the adjustments of elements like texts

Improved Transition and Display Settings

The transition and display settings can be edited even individually for each photo:
  • Every picture can be set into motion (KenBurns Effect) with freely definable panning and zooming.
  • The photo display length and the duration of the transitions are editable for each picture individually.
  • The duration and the kind of transition effect can be edited for every single picture.

New Effects and Elements for the Perfect Slideshow

In the slideshow editor several elements, for title, subtitles, graphics or themes, can be added to a slideshow. The new slideshow effects and elements in Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2 contribute to make slideshows more interesting, personal and appealing:
  • Opening and end credits with your own text and background of your choice can be added to the slideshow.
  • Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 2 offers various new automated KenBurns Effects.
  • Now a background color for the photos in the slideshow can be selected and shadows on the background can be enabled.

Output formats in detail

YouTube™ MyVideo and Facebook® MPEG-1 MPEG-2, MPEG-4 M2TS Windows Media 9 DVD Blu-ray Disc™

CNet Editors 4 Star CNet Users 4 Star DownloadMix Award 5/5 Stars Download3000 5 Stars downloadatlas_editor_choice Freshshare 5 Star giga_4sterne
Operating System:
Windows® XP, Windows Vista® (32bit/64bit) and Windows® 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows® 8 (32bit/64bit)
As a user of Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 you have to be logged in with full administration rights.

Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.
DVD writer for DVD output.
Blu-ray writer for Blu-ray output.
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card

Graphics adapter:
Min. resolution 1024x 768 and 16-bit High color.
Recommended: DirectX 9 capable GPU with hardware pixel shader v2.0

1200 MHz (or higher) x86 or x64 CPU, 3000 MHz recommended.

RAM and disk space:
512 MB RAM, Hard Disk Space 85 MB. (at least 1024mb for HD-Content).
Recommended for best performance: 1024MB RAM or more.

Windows Media Player 9 or higher required, DirectX 9.0c required.

Languages (32):
German, English, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Slovenian, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Korean, Arabic, Dansk, Romanian, Catalan, Vietnamese, Slovakian, Armenian, Macedonian, Spanish (Argentina), Belorussian, Persian, Georgian

Trial period:
40 Days (10 days + 30 days after e-mail registration)

Download link: (30.29MB)

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