Ashampoo Burning Studio 20 - Anniversary edition inspired by customer feedback 
Author:  | 12/10/2018 12:46
With Burning Studio 20, German software developer Ashampoo releases an anniversary edition, heavily inspired by customer feedback, to burn, back up, copy and convert data, movies and music with support for CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs. The new backup manager ensures backups are always up to date and helps user keep track and instantly update their files, if needed. Burning Studio 20 also features a handy backup reminder feature. Cover Editor has been modernized with essential settings, including image selection, now conveniently located on the start page. The car radio module now comes with over 1,600 presets and support for multi-disc CD player emulators. Along with a professional-looking dark theme, Burning Studio now also features an eye-friendly high-contrast light theme. more 

Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 - four phases for maximum control 
Author:  | 11/26/2018 10:58
With UnInstaller 8, German software developer Ashampoo releases the next installment of their popular uninstaller now with a combination of four uninstall techniques and support for software profiles. Extensive installation monitoring coupled with Deep Clean Technology ensures applications are completely removed including Windows Apps, toolbars and browser plug-ins. Innovative snapshot technology creates before and after views to outline system modifications in great detail and program modules have been enhanced with additional options. Built-in installation monitoring meticulously monitors and logs installations so that even hidden browser plug-ins are no longer an issue. As a first, Opera is now supported in all cleaning modules. Added drag and drop functionality makes it now even easier to remove applications and sensitive data is permanently wiped with the new File Wiper module either manually or automatically during uninstalls. more 

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro - A new way to enhance videos quickly and easily 
Author:  | 10/15/2018 11:09
With Video Optimizer Pro, Ashampoo releases a feature-rich easy to use program for both novice and experienced Microsoft Windows users. The program offers huge time savings for video editing with smart automatic features that help fix noise, camera shakes, lens distortion and blurriness. The built-in editor supports rotating, cropping and merging of video clips while multiple filters provide instant polish. In terms of video optimization, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro can easily compete with more expensive suites while requiring no previous knowledge. more 

Ashampoo® Backup Pro 12 – Intelligent backup mechanism for uninterrupted work 
Author:  | 07/30/2018 13:00
With Backup Pro 12, German software developer Ashampoo® released their easy to use yet powerful backup solution. Saving, rescuing or restoring even bootable system disks is now easier than ever before and viruses, ransomware or total system failures just lost their terror. For the first time, Ashampoo® Backup Pro 12 now covers all aspects of data backups in a single program. While the handy hard disk checker is light on resources and analyzes disks in the background based on SMART values, it can also perform deep surface scans and repair smaller defects or warn against impending data loss. Files, folders or entire partitions can be backed up to any storage device including cloud-based storage systems to prevent data loss with OneDrive Business / Office 365, Owncloud and Nextcloud joining the list of supported providers.

Easy to create backup plans specify which data is to be backed up at what intervals to ensure that backups are always up to date without requiring user intervention. Efficient compression and encryption keeps file sizes small and data secure. There are virtually no noticeable system slowdowns since the program only becomes active when system loads fall below a specific threshold. The new Backup Viewer gives users instant access to files and folders without having to restore affected backups while preserving data integrity. Restoring backups is possible either through the program itself or Windows Explorer. This way, even entire operating systems can be restored quickly. The integrated rescue system can be run from USB or DVD to perform data restoration in the event of a total system failure or when systems are compromised by malware like viruses or ransomware. more 

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 - brilliant photos with just one click! 
Author:  | 06/18/2018 09:24
German software specialist Ashampoo has released Photo Optimizer 7, a compact image processing software with a new and optimized interface usable by anyone. Users seeking fast results without having to spend hours with complicated image processing programs will feel right at home. The unbeatable results are achieved through intelligent image analysis that detects weak points such as incorrect exposure, lack of contrasts or faulty coloring automatically. Highly effective optimization is then applied at the push of a button. Aside from the greatly enhanced optimization engine, Photo Optimizer 7 now also includes automatic white balance and contrast spreading.

In addition to individual edits, batch processing can be used to optimize a large number of photos in one go. For fine-tuning, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 offers precisely adjustable functions to rotate and crop photos, straighten horizons, add watermarks, apply numerous effects, enhance contrast and saturation or apply color correction and various custom styles. In addition, blemishes such as red eyes, skin impurities and stains can be removed very easily. Thanks to the logical program structure, functions are never more than two clicks way so there's virtually no training time required for mediocre shots to turn into stunning photos. more 

Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 for maximum power, stability and privacy on your PC 
Author:  | 06/11/2018 10:00
WinOptimizer has been one of the best Windows tuning tools on the market for almost two decades and is one of the top sellers at Ashampoo®. German software specialist Ashampoo® has now released WinOptimizer 16, its new optimization suite for accelerating, cleaning and tuning PCs which corrects system errors, removes junk data and instantly boosts PC performance. More than 30 tried and tested modules offer more reliability, privacy and system details. These include the data protection modules Antispy and Privacy Control which prevent unwanted data transmissions and let users decide what Windows should synchronize or send. A new addition in Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 is Energy Manager which ensures lower energy consumption and longer battery life. Another new feature for quickly uninstalling unwanted add-ons is Browser Extension Manager. Furthermore, three smart auto-features provide optimal gaming performance, speedy application launching and constant system cleaning. With a revised start page and 80 new speed-optimized components, WinOptimizer has now become the most efficient way to a fast, lean and secure Windows system to date. more 

Surprise Me! from Ashampoo® - Entertaining Sound Messenger now also available on iOS  
Author:  | 05/25/2018 15:04
Surprise Me! is an entertaining messenger that plays a wide range of surprising sounds at the desired time and is already fun for Android users with its amusing features and community functions. Now the cool sound app for playing sounds is also available for the iOS operating system. It is not only possible to play the sounds sent by Surprise Me! at any time, you can also add your individual comments to messages. With a selection of over 200 sounds, you'll find the right sound for every occasion and every mood. The fun app is ideal for pranks, spontaneous comments and funny sound battles and thus has a high fun factor. Sending sounds to a whole group is also possible. The sounds are then played simultaneously on the recipients' devices. The app also features a reward system that unlocks more and more additional features and sounds when used frequently. Unlockable features include additional options such as sending messages anonymously or without prior notice. With its game elements such as blocking messages by shaking, manual interception, etc., Surprise Me! from Ashampoo is much more than a common messenger. more 

Konrad Frerichs in die Geschäftsführung bei Ashampoo und CleverReach berufen 
Author:  | 01/23/2018 14:05
(22. Januar 2018) Zum 17. Januar 2018 ergänzt Konrad Frerichs bei Ashampoo und CleverReach die Unternehmensgruppe als neuer Geschäftsführer. more 

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