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Whether ransom ware, system flaw or defect hardware – a backup will help!

Backup, rescue, restore!

Experience maximum safety with Ashampoo ® Backup Pro 14! Because this backup software constantly checks itself and even the storage medium upon which the backups are stored. Due to the automatic verification, backup mistakes are practically ruled out! The new backup engine has been tested and checked severely and optimised in intensive cooperation with the support service and numerous clients. The internet backup by cloud services has been widely re-programmed – to your personal advantage! It has never been so easy, simple and performant to backup into the cloud! Exploit the most secure, most compatible and most comfortable Ashampoo ® Backup of all times!

  • Nifty 1-click hard disk verification
  • Automatic backup verification
  • Completely overhauled backup engine
  • Significantly improved cloud support
Original price: $49.99
Our best burning software

Our best burning software

Ashampoo®Burning Studio 21 is the ultimate means to burn and copy your files, movies and music to all CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs!

Get the best burning software for your PC! The new Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 is the comfortable way to burn your data securely, copy CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs without effort and gives you access to a range of top-of-the-line multimedia features. Create your own movies and slideshows, modify existing discs or create video discs with animated menus. Extract audio from music CDs, back up your files instantly and, while you're at it, create perfect covers for your projects! Write important data to any disc with powerful compression and password protection and say goodbye to data loss. Get ready for the best Burning Studio of all time!

  • Your photo memories as gorgeous slideshows
  • Exciting new carousel navigation
  • Module favorites for instant access
  • Rotate videos with ease
  • New program navigation with home button
  • Improved slideshows with superior image optimization
  • New tailor-made profiles for car radios, cd changers and mobile storage media
Original price: $49.99
For the perfect system - always the latest drivers

  • Maximum system stability
  • Over 150,000 devices supported
  • More than 400,000 drivers available
  • Always up-to-date driver database
  • Comfortable driver backup and restore features
  • Fix defective systems with ease
  • The perfect choice for Windows 10 - it finds all drivers
  • Full gaming performance through optimized use of system components
  • Greatly facilitates the transition to Windows 10
  • Fixes WLAN, sound and printer issues
  • For a faster, more stable system
  • Fully optimized system usage
  • Installs all required drivers with a single click
  • Reduces the risk of system crashes and freezes
  • Fewer crashes
  • Fast, stable system
  • 1 click repairs
  • The best graphics
  • The best gaming performance
  • The perfect sound
Original price: $29.99
The true all-rounder to view, edit and organize your photos

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is the complete solution to view, edit and organize your photos. Bring order to your collection, optimize multiple images in one go and create calendars, photo cards and entire slideshows with ease. Whether you're a beginner, novice or professional photographer, excellent results are always just a few clicks away.

  • Automatic image correction and optimization - also for folders
  • Ready-to-use and individually customizable greeting cards, web albums and calendars
  • Adaptive menus for quick access to your favorite features
  • Perfect panorama feature for widescreen pictures
  • Slideshows with huge resolutions up to 4K
  • Auto-recovery for overexposed, faded images
  • Cut out persons and objects with ease
  • Turn GPS data from JPG and RAW images into concrete locations
  • Take the long view: group files by decades
  • Unbeatable features for added clarity and better organization
Original price: $49.99
Enhance photos with a single click

Simple photo editor for brilliant results

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 enhances your photos at the click of a button! The program fully automatically adjusts colors, contrasts and exposure settings to perfection for individual images or entire collections. Visual blemishes are detected and fixed through careful image analysis. But you can also make adjustments manually: Straighten slanted image horizons, fix perspective distortions or apply numerous affects. Minor blemishes like red eyes, skin imperfections or stains are also easily removable. The straightforward user interface saves you time and nerves on your path to stunning results!


Icon: mark Brilliant perspective corrections for natural lines
Icon: mark Significantly enhanced image auto-optimization
Icon: mark Super-fast feature access through Favorites
Icon: mark Manual color temperature adjustments
Icon: mark Tonal curve adjustments
Icon: mark Improved memory management for better stability and speed
Icon: mark 64-bit optimized
Original price: $39.99
Our best Windows screenshot tool for images and videos

Our best Windows screenshot tool for images and videos

  • Send or upload images and videos to social networks and clouds
  • Insanely simple video editing
  • New operating concept
  • Absolute visual clarity during recording and editing
  • Razor-sharp high-res recordings
  • Top-of-the-line sound recordings
  • Optimized automatic settings
  • More customizable WMV recordings
  • New codecs for better video quality
  • Capture high-res 4K videos
  • Ready for multi-display environments
  • Simple video post-processing
  • Our best Windows screenshot program for images and videos
  • Razor-sharp screenshots and videos in resolutions up to 4K
Original price: $39.99
The sound revolution on your PC!

Surround sound is something to behold. But is your PC system connected to a surround system? With Ashampoo Soundstage Pro, you can experience vivid surround sound through your regular headphones! You won't believe how rich your audio can sound without a dedicated surround system!

  • Ten locations for different audio experiences
  • Built-in volume boost
  • Grammy-nominated surround sound process!
  • Headphone surround for everyone!
  • Audio formats: Stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1
  • Level display for individual speakers
Original price: $69.99
Remove unwanted programs without leftovers!

Ashampoo® UnInstaller 9 is your safety net to try and completely uninstall programs without any leftovers. You decide what goes and stays on your PC! The program carefully monitors each installation in depth to completely remove it should the need arise. Even unmonitored installations are reversible thanks to in-depth cleaning technology! With UnInstaller 9, unwanted programs, browser extensions and toolbars disappear from your system at the click of a button! And thanks to innovative snapshot technology, you can track any modifications to to your system–instantly and intuitively.

  • Simple drag & drop uninstalls
  • New snapshot wizard for hassle-free creating and comparing of system states
  • Optional restore point creation before uninstalls
  • Robust background installation tracking
  • View additional information and statistics on program usage
  • Eliminate leftovers even after system reboots
  • Improved program removal and cleanup
  • New drive and partition-based filters for better visual clarity
  • Integrated homepage links for program manufacturers
  • New layout for popular tools category
  • Four deletion methods for perfectly clean uninstalls
Original price: $39.99
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 18 makes your Windows faster, leaner and more secure!

System optimization that takes your PC to the next level

One for all: Perfect for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10!

Windows is good–but it could be better! Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 18 takes care of that! Operating systems tend to slow down over time and become cluttered with junk files. In many cases, essential settings are either missing or buried deep in the system. And then there's the privacy threat, as especially Windows 10 loves to phone home.

System optimization, in-depth cleaning and diagnosis in one program!

Dashboards for always up-to-date data and instant feature access
Brand new Defrag without noticeable performance drain
Merge free disk space with Defrag
Extensive drive analysis and hardware review with Defrag
Handy benchmark center for better clarity and faster test access
Enhanced system details view with optimized hardware detection
All cleaners up-to-date
Full Microsoft Edge Chromium support
New Internet Cleaner algorithm for improved detection of browsing traces
Enhanced Browser Extension Manager
More details on installed hardware during system analyses
Faster module startup times
Detailed analysis logs
Original price: $49.99
8 powerful programs in one

  • Reduce data footprint and save disk space
  • Instant program start
  • Sleek new user interface
  • Razor-sharp high-DPI mode
  • 4K and touch-ready
  • Gesture support for touch screens
  • 64-bit architecture for maximum speed and full RAM usage
  • Possibly the world's fastest ZIP engine
  • No size restrictions for file packing and opening
  • Multi-core optimized 7-Zip support
  • Open multiple archives inside tabs
  • Better compression with optimization tool
  • Pack or open archives with unparalleled speed
  • Advanced Codec Pack support for the world's most powerful compression
  • Up to 70% stronger compression
  • Optimized for multi-core processors
  • High-speed compression with data rates up to 400 MBs
  • File type specific codecs for maximum compression
  • Specialized PDF, DOCX and PNG compression
  • 30 – 70% better compression than WinRAR, WinZIP and 7zip for various file formats
  • FIPS 140-2 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security
  • Superior protection against brute force attacks
  • Specialized JPEG codec for up to 23% better compression
  • Up to 300% faster MP3 compression
  • Special deduplication filter to eliminate redundancy
  • Super-fast TXT/HTML/XHTML file compression
Original price: $39.99
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