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Email photo sharing made easy.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer - the easiest way to share photos through email.

Sharing images through email should be an easy and joyful experience. However, numerous email provider constraints quickly turn it into a hassle. Images have to be manually resized, trimmed and split up into several emails to meet email restrictions.

Ashampoo Photo Mailer was designed to bring back the fun into email photo sharing. It does all the required image processing for you and enables you to send

- any number of images (splitting occurs automatically and only when required),
- to any number of recipients (simple and efficient contact management included),
- at any quality (trimming and resizing occurs automatically and only when required).

Ashampoo Photo Mailer uses a straightforward user-interface that is built around a rapid step-by-step process. Setting up existing email accounts takes only a name, email address and password. The programm automatically recognizes common email providers and adds the required server settings. Ashampoo Photo Mailer also offers efficient contact management that turns adding and using email contacts into a simple one-click process.

Email photo sharing has never been easier. You provide the photos, Ashampoo Photo Mailer does the rest!
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Development: Ashampoo Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Technical contact: Ina Dierßen