Ashampoo® Office 2012

Ashampoo Office 2012 – The comprehensive office suite at an unbeatable price

Three powerful office professionals in one single suite

Why Ashampoo Office 2012? Ashampoo Office 2012 provides you with three powerful, efficient and at the same time easy to use programs in an affordable suite. The perfect combination of these three programs allows fast, reliable and convenient working, no matter whether in the office or at home.
Ashampoo Office 2012 is characterized by a high compatibility with Microsoft Office file formats. Therefore you can easily open, edit and save Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. This guarantees a seamless document exchange with Microsoft Office users. Even greater flexibility is provided by an option that allows installing Ashampoo Office 2012 on a USB flash drive. This way you will always have your “office” for the PC at hand.
Read on to learn more about what Ashampoo Office 2012 has to offer.

Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 – Word processor

Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 provides the best possible support for every task, from a plain letter to an elaborately designed flyer. The integrated wizards help you with the spell check, serial letters and with printing envelopes.
A variety of functions is also available for designing and editing flyers or brochures. The object mode lets you place graphics, images etc. freely on your text page. With the master page function you can also place objects which should be reproduced in the document on an entire page. The TextArt module for creative text effects and the AutoShapes function for quick drawings are two more features that allow you to create individual and attractive documents for any occasion.
New improvements make working with the Ashampoo TextMaker 2012 even more comfortable. The new sidebar lets you navigate quickly in your document and you can easily apply changes as well. Zooming in and out of a document has never been easier with the new zoom slider. Functions and new features at a glance

Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 - Spreadsheet

Over 330 calculation functions covering various areas make the Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 your perfect partner for spreadsheet. The improved compatibility allows lossless reading and writing of XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2010). Furthermore user-defined numeric formats act exactly as in Microsoft Excel.
Complex charts and large amounts of data can easily be edited and formatted with the help functions such as syntax highlighting, filter functions, different grouping options or the formula checker. The new data consolidation provides you with very interesting statistical analysis of your unsorted or only partially sorted data.
The powerful chart module lets you easily create charts of your data and choose from over 70 chart types (2D and 3D). In this module charts cannot only be created in worksheet, but also on separate chart sheets. For the visual presentation of your data, there are different charts, such as column charts, bar charts, pyramid charts or pie charts, available. In the Ashampoo PlanMaker 2012 charts can now also be saved as image file.
Functions and new features at a glance

Ashampoo Presentations 2012 – Presentation software

Ashampoo Presentations 2012 enables you to quickly create stunning multimedia presentations with animations and slide transitions based on the latest DirectX technology. There is a great variety of graphics available for your presentation. You could use one of the 25 professionally designed templates or different AutoShapes, for example.
For a more sensational presentation you can choose from different transitions, for example turn over slides like pages of a book, animate slides as a puzzle or let them burst into flames. Of course the program also offers various other effects, from unobtrusive via classy up to modern. Multimedia content, such as movies or background music, can be added easily. Finally, you can save your presentation as a slideshow, PowerPoint file, HTML site or as a video. Functions and new features at a glance
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