Ashampoo® UnInstaller 7

For a clean and fast PC without unwanted programs, toolbars, plugins or Windows apps!

Removes unwanted programs down to the last byte!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 fires up the turbo! The program speed has been accelerated manifold thanks to new software techniques. Windows default apps can now be uninstalled hassle-free just like unwanted programs or malware. Enjoy safe and fast web browsing without toolbars or annoying plugins and track down hidden software! Use the new snapshot comparison feature to create installation logs with minimum effort, a definitive must for fans of previous UnInstaller versions! The new interface, comfortable multi-uninstallations and the integrated online search in Ashampoo UnInstaller 7 will amaze you. Experience visual clarity, more details and better speed!

Install and uninstall
List and uninstall Windows apps
Create detailed installation logs from two snapshots
Find and remove browser extensions
Up to 400% faster application scans
Up 20x faster snapshot creation
Faster web browsing with privacy protection
ExFAT support for flash-based storage
In-depth cleaning for leftover files
Uninstall nested setups
Enhanced installation monitoring
Log and uninstall web-based installations
Trace any system modification through snapshots
Uninstall multiple applications in a row
Application ratings by UnInstaller community
Logged installations
Intelligent uninstallations
Full Windows integration
Info bar
Extended program management
Drag & drop installations
Clean system
Internet Cleaner
Drive Cleaner
Maintain system
Registry Optimizer
Startup Tuner
Service Manager
User handling
One-click interface for instant results
Quickly research applications online
Quality and usability-based app ratings
New filters for maximum clarity and quick action

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System requirements:

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7

Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.