Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 - trouble-free installations 
Author:  | 11/02/2015 10:39
Ashampoo, the software developer with more than 18 million customers world-wide, has created Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 as a tool to help users with application installing and uninstalling. The Windows default uninstallation feature cannot detect and uninstall nested setups that frequently install third-party content. UnInstaller 6 comes with powerful installation monitoring that detects and tracks all modifications during installations. Meticulous logging helps completely remove applications without a trace later. Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 also provides additional features that help clean and maintain PC systems. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 gives full control over photo collections 
Author:  | 10/06/2015 08:46
With Ashampoo Photo Commander 14, Ashampoo, renown for various multimedia applications, releases a comprehensive software suite to manage, optimize and present your photos. Thanks to the continuing success of mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets that frequently feature high-resolution cameras, personal photo collections are growing rapidly and call for powerful photo management solutions. Ashampoo Photo Commander comes with numerous features to add more structure and quality to your collection with a heavy emphasis on managing, viewing and editing your photos. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 2: Professional video editing with Dolby Digital, 4K and turbo conversion 
Author:  | 09/11/2015 09:16
Ashampoo releases the new Ashampoo Movie Studio 2, the software for professional video editing. more  Back to top

Free Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10 fixes security gaps in Windows 10  
Author:  | 09/08/2015 16:09
We draw the blinds on Windows 10

With Ashampoo AntiSpy, globally active software developer Ashampoo gives Windows 10 users the opportunity to easily stop the default collection and linking of sensitive data by Windows 10. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Movie Studio 2 
Author:  | 08/17/2015 17:48
The new Ashampoo Movie Studio 2 is an all-in-one application for video creation and editing. The new user concept gives faster and easier access to all features. And to meet the demands of both beginners and experts, the developers around Ashampoo Tech have implemented two user modes: simple and expert. more  Back to top

Ashampoo already set for Windows 10 
Author:  | 07/29/2015 08:34
Today, software developer Ashampoo announced that the majority of their products will be compatible with the upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Being a certified Microsoft gold partner, Ashampoo has successfully implemented all Windows 10 specifications and tested their products on a special Windows 10 developer version. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Privacy Protector: Data encryption, archiving and trace removal in one application 
Author:  | 07/16/2015 11:19
Data protection has become something of a mantra for every computer user. Scandals involving data theft are becoming rife and insights provided by former secret service agents reveal just how transparent users have become. The most effective way to protect against prying eyes is to use data encryption based on the Advanced Encryption Standard 256 (AES256). With Ashampoo Privacy Protector, renowned software developer Ashampoo provides an effective tool for data encryption, archiving and usage trace removal. more  Back to top

Store data for eternity with MDISC and Ashampoo 
Author:  | 07/01/2015 14:27
Well-known software developer Ashampoo and Millenniata, developers of MDISC, have teamed up to promote long term data storage with MDISC optical discs. Ashampoo is the first software developer to include full support for the MDISC specification in their products. more  Back to top

An affordable and comprehensive office suite? Ashampoo Office 2016 is the answer! 
Author:  | 06/24/2015 11:30
German software developer Ashampoo has released Ashampoo Office 2016, an affordable and comprehensive alternative to Microsoft Office. Despite the attractive price of just $59.99, this new Ashampoo product offers an impressive feature set and full Microsoft Office compatibility. This means all documents created with Ashampoo Office 2016 are further editable through Microsoft Office. Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications are a central part of everyday business activities. Ashampoo now provides users with a new option to tackle these tasks. There's no lengthy retraining period required thanks to the well-established user approach across all office suites. more  Back to top

Look behind the scenes of the tech world with the new Ashampoo blog 
Author:  | 05/29/2015 12:43
German IT company Ashampoo has just released their own Ashampoo blog ( ) that deals with everything around software and digital lifestyle. The editorial team behind it aims to provide visitors with a closer look at everything around todays world of information technology. This includes satirical as well as travel reports but also product tutorials to spice up their lives. more  Back to top

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12: Brand new and ready for Windows 10! 
Author:  | 05/12/2015 13:48
Today, German software developer Ashampoo, synonymous with easy to use software at moderate prices, releases the successor to Ashampoo WinOptimizer 12, the well-known Windows optimization tool. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 - more features, better usability, more joyful music experience 
Author:  | 04/17/2015 08:55
(Oldenburg, 20.4.15) With Ashampoo Music Studio 6, German software developer Ashampoo releases a comprehensive music suite that comes with various new features, a new design and usability enhancements. The program offers both simple tasks like audio disc ripping, sound optimizations or music editing and professional features such as audio track editing, phonograph record and audio tape digitizing and audio normalization. more  Back to top

More than just screenshots with Ashampoo Snap 8 
Author:  | 03/17/2015 15:30
With Ashampoo Snap 8, world-wide operating software developer Ashampoo releases a complete package to create, edit and publish screen captures of any kind. Aside from numerous new features such as object text recognition and enhanced video capturing, the application is now slimmer and offers a better user experience turning Ashampoo Snap 8 into a best of breed screenshot tool that provides every user with a superior work flow. more  Back to top

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer - Speed at the touch of a button! 
Author:  | 02/13/2015 13:58
After continued use, many apps begin to launch slower and the overall system performance degrades. Many background apps hog up valuable memory, restart frequently and drain both your battery and your nerves.

The gratis, ad-free optimization tool from Ashampoo prevents exactly that. Thanks to "1-Touch-Speed Up", a single touch is all it takes to optimize your system. In addition, "Privacy Advisor" will give you more transparency: You will learn about your apps' security permissions with a focus on potential threats. "Junk Finder" helps you find and remove file clutter and "Good-Night-Scheduler" automatically disables battery-intensive tasks at fixed intervals to help you conserve energy. more  Back to top

Beyond compression - Ashampoo ZIP Pro 
Author:  | 02/02/2015 13:11
(Oldenburg, Germany, 2.2.2015) The new Ashampoo ZIP Pro, developed by renown software manufacturer Ashampoo, compresses, encrypts, backups and manages all data files. Besides extensive compression procedures and backup tasks, Ashampoo ZIP Pro also facilitates data sharing, e.g. via Dropbox and Google Drive through the integrated cloud uploader. more  Back to top

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With a handful of staff, a 64kbit (ISDN) leased line and a small office, Rolf Hilchner, whose own sector knowledge goes back to the year 1984, started with the realization of this idea. Henceforth software, which was developed in-house, has been sold over the Internet, excluding specialized shops. This strategic orientation paid off.
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