Leadership change at Ashampoo from January 1st, 2012: Sebastian Schwarz and Jens Klibingat are the new management duo at Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

On January 1st, 2012, Sebastian Schwarz (37), currently head of product management, and Jens Klibingat (41), currently managing partner in a big tax consulting firm in North-West Germany, will take over the leading positions at Ashampoo, a globally active software manufacturer based in Oldenburg. They succeed Rolf Hilchner (55) and Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena (49) who retire from the day-to-day business, but remain in the company as supervisory board and sole shareholders.

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New Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sebastian Schwarz

In 2004 Sebastian Schwarz joined the company as product manager. From then on he has done outstanding work in different business areas. Therefore he was given procuration in 2007. Sebastian Schwarz together with Henning Seedorf (30), who will take on the newly created position of marketing director, will take over the duties of Rolf Hilchner, who is mainly in charge of marketing and sales. Prior to joining Ashampoo, Mr. Schwarz was responsible for the success of different sales platforms on the Internet as well as concepts and realization of innovative sales models. In the areas of acquisition, planning and project leadership he assisted well-known companies such as Discovery Channel, Fotopoint, Ars Mundi and the wholesale trading system of the Carl Wöltje Foto-Film-Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG.

„Due to his expertise in the areas of project and sales management of eCommerce systems and numerous content management systems, the appointment to the executive board is just a logical consequence. At Ashampoo he will provide new impulses for the constantly changing market of the software industry“, emphasized Rolf Hilchner, founder of the company.

New Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Jens Klibingat

Jens Klibingat will take over the position of Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena as CFO and deal with the company’s financial aspects. In 1988 Jens Klibingat started his career in the area of tax consultation. After he qualified as tax consultant, he was promoted to be a junior partner in a big tax consulting firm in North-West Germany. There he joined the executive board in 2005. With his career he follows the current CFO, Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena, who also came from the same leading tax consulting firm into the management of Ashampoo in 2004. From then on he together with Rolf Hilchner as top management duo have developed and grown Ashampoo to today’s company size.

„I know Jens Klibingat for 20 years now and have also closely followed his career. Thanks to his excellent education, training and his past experience, he is ideally equipped for the task of being Chief Financial Officer“, Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena explained.

From January 1st, 2012, Rolf Hilchner and Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena will devote themselves to new responsibilities

Rolf Hilchner and Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena will remain in the company as supervisory board and will be glad to advise the new management, if necessary. In future, they will take care of further development of some subsidiary companies of Ashampoo. Among those are CleverReach, AirShampoo, CarShampoo. Their main focus lies on H&B Immobilien as well as the planned IT Gründer Zentrum Rastede (GZR). Rolf Hilchner: “We will completely withdraw from Ashampoo concerning operational issues. Our membership in the supervisory board only serves as an aid here.”

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