Ashampoo Anti-Virus relies on the power of two hearts: New anti-virus solution uses a dual-engine approach

(Oldenburg 25 September 2013) With Ashampoo Anti-Virus, German software manufacturer Ashampoo introduces a new generation of anti-virus software. The program relies on the award-winning technology of two well-known anti-virus software developers: Bitdefender and Emsisoft. The integrated approach with two anti-virus scan engines promises better protection against viruses, trojans and spyware. In combination with Ashampoo's new user interface, Ashampoo Anti-Virus guarantees a notable increase in performance and usability.

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"Often, the key to a successful product is not to reinvent the wheel but to recombine existing technologies! This is definitely the case with Ashampoo Anti-Virus. The two engines harmonize perfectly and our extensive knowledge in the fields of usability and application performance have made Ashampoo Anti-Virus fast and secure!" says chief developer Niki Bugarcici.

- New: Ashampoo Anti-Virus
- Optimal protection through multi-engine scanner (Bitdefender and Emsisoft)
- Strong protection at low resource consumption
- Automated protection with real-time monitoring and behavior blocker
- Always up to date through daily updates
- Little user interaction required
- Integrated web protection and game mode
- Additional system tools included (Internet Cleaner, File Wiper and more)
- Compatible with Windows 8.1 Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
- Further details here:
- Price: $39.99 for 1-year license ($29.99 for 1-year license renewal, $39.99 for 2-year license renewal and $79.99 for 3-year license renewal)

Behavior and signature analysis - technologies combined for optimal protection!

Thanks to multiple interacting components, Ashampoo Anti-Virus is a worthy match for any attack on your security. Real-time protection blocks virus attacks as they happen and daily updates keep it up to speed. Where signature-based analysis fails, a behavior blocker monitors application behavior and blocks any suspicious operations. This provides for reasonable protection also against zero-day exploits while the on-access guard prevents infection attempts during file operations. Further components such as "web protection" that prevents the opening of malicious websites or "game mode" that autonomously handles infections during gaming make Ashampoo Anti-Virus a well-rounded package and a security force to reckon with.

Useful and proven Ashampoo system tools included

Thanks to several included system tools, users can perform many additional useful operations. Secure deletion and overwriting of files, folders and drives is made possible by File Wiper. Internet Cleaner helps keep browsers clean and lean and Hosts File Checker, ADS Scanner, LSP Viewer and StartUp Tuner provide additional handy functionality.

You may trial the full-version of Ashampoo Anti-Virus for 30 days free of charge. After that, users may obtain a 1-year license key for $39.99. License renewals are $29.99 (+1 year), $39.99 (+2 years) and $79.99 (+3 years), respectively. Back to top