Ashampoo Music Studio 7 – new features, better editing, everything your songs need

(Oldenburg, August 28, 2017) The brand new Ashampoo Music Studio 7 boasts numerous new and enhanced features. The user interface has been refreshed and optimized for faster handling. The DJ Track Mixer feature employs BPM analysis for harmonious song mixes and Quick Rip is the fastest way to rip music CDs. Ashampoo Music Studio 7 is the perfect choice for users who need to record, rip, burn, cut, convert or mix music and also comes with all the tools to create playlists, organize music collections or create and design covers in a flash.

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New: DJ Track Mixer with tempo analysis and normalization
New: Quick Rip for fast CD ripping
New: BPM (Beats per Minute) detection for any track
New: Handy output presets for Android, Apple and Microsoft devices
• Cover editor with new user interface
New: Fascinating covers with image mosaics
New: Move cut marks via cursor keys or mouse
New: Create CUE-based playlists
New: Normalization support for many new formats including M4A
New: Modify track speeds based on tempo and pitch or apply time stretch effects
• Support for APE (Monkey´s Audio)
• New: Shuffle feature for audio CDs and Trackmixer
• Price: $39.99
• More information at:

Song mixes with smooth transitions
Trackmixer makes it incredibly easy to create compelling song collections with smooth transitions. Finished compilations can be converted into multiple different formats and burned. Ashampoo Music Studio 7 can also analyze the speed of your songs and normalize them for a more harmonious song mix.

Edit and cut audio files
Ashampoo Music Studio 7 allows you to mix tracks on up to 3 separate tracks. Add, remove or fade in/out individual passages and use the smart marker and positioning system for maximum precision. The built-in equalizer helps with any fine-adjustments. Live recordings also pose no problem as the program automatically detects pauses and either inserts appropriate splits or exports the affected parts in any format. This mechanism also works when there are hardly any pauses thanks to the adjustable detection threshold.

Multiple formats supported
Aside from Apple's AAC and m4a as well as WAV, OGG and OPUS, Ashampoo Music Studio 7 also supports the innovative APE format. Multi-format support is especially useful for burning audio discs or converting iTunes songs into more compatible formats such as MP3, WMA or FLAC. Users can also just pick their preferred target device or format for an unrestricted listening pleasure across devices in their homes.

Ordered and randomized playlists
The playlist support in Ashampoo Music Studio 7 is ideal to create a fixed order of songs to be played in succession. For full device and player compatibility, all common playlist formats such as M3U, CUE and PLS are supported.

Professional covers and inlays
Put the finishing touches on your burned audio CDs with home-made inlays and covers. Ashampoo Music Studio 7 allows users to individually design covers, inlays and collages based on built-in templates and custom graphics. With the help of professional-grade templates and auto-features, it takes just minutes to create visually stunning designs complete with comprehensive tables of contents.

Ashampoo Music Studio 7 is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The software is available for $39.99. Previous-version owners can obtain the upgrade for just $10.00. Back to top