Ashampoo Music Studio 4: The all-in-one solution for music fans

With the new Music Studio 4, Ashampoo releases the perfect solution to create, edit, design and produce your music. The brand new program sports various new features and a completely overhauled, intuitive user interface. Be it simple burning tasks, a creative music mix for your next party or extracting and storing the music from your favorite movie - Ashampoo Music Studio does it all, and with style.

During development, the main focus was on pairing speed and extensive features with clarity and ease of use. The newly integrated multi-core support along with the enhanced design provides a welcome performance boost with excellent results for all your conversion needs. Ashampoo Music Studio 4 simply provides everything you need for your music-related work.

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Key Features:

- Supported audio formats: FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
- Improved speed due to user interface redesign and multi-core support
- Music extraction from your videos with "Video-2-Music"
- Crossfading – seamlessly merge multiple titles
- Cataloging of your music collection
- Creation of jewel- and slim cases
- Price: $29.99

Ashampoo Music Studio 4 provides several solutions for your music work. Produce, edit or design - make the most out of your music!

Produce Music:

As a new special feature, buyers of Ashampoo Music Studio 4 may save tracks from their streaming online radio stations to their harddisks. Add your own recordings, e.g. created through your microphone, and create ringtones or organize your collection.

Edit Music:

Volume too high or too low? Song too long? Audio format wrong? No sweat, tackle these tasks with Ashampoo Music Studio 4 and achieve great results in a flash.


It has never been easier to create and design your own covers and jewel- or slim cases.

"We are very proud of Ashampoo Music Studio 4. We managed to grow the feature set while making the program easier to use at the same time. This must be our future software development leading paradigm and we did it!" says a noticeable pleased Sebastian Schwarz, CEO of Ashampoo. Vissza felfelé

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