Ashampoo® Droid Commander

    The new file manager from the makers of Droid Optimizer
    Droid Commander is your basic tool to copy, organise and exchange files. The combination of an...
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    Ashampoo® Droid Optimizer

    More memory, more speed - free and without ads!
    Laggy smartphone? Battery always empty? Launching apps takes forever? Boost your smartphone...
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    Ashampoo® Ten Seconds

    Sometimes, simple ideas make for the best games. Here's one! A dot appears on your screen and you...
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    Ashampoo® Droid Screenshot

    Capture, edit and share screenshots on the go
    Ashampoo Droid Screenshot is a fully-fledged mobile application to capture, edit and share...
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    Ashampoo® Surprise Me

    You won't see it coming - and neither will they!
    Awesome sounds for the perfect moment Soundboard and dull messages are so yesterday. Surprise Me...
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