CutOut 5
CutOut 5

Cut - insert - perfect!

Cut out with precision and remove unwanted image elements

Cut out objects and insert them into existing photos with just a few clicks. Create perfect photo montages with stunning realism that will seem completely natural. Tap into your creativity and create fascinating new photo experiences.

Feature highlights:

Stunning photo montages that will amaze you
Remove unwanted objects from your images at the click of a button
Use soft-focus areas for creative effects
Masks over the most difficult, even tricky objects like fine hair in seconds
Includes plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements
Smart erase / error correction

Cutting-edge technology for guaranteed results

Edge-based inside-out-matting is the most important new feature in CutOut 5.0. Simple drag the brush around a masked object and CutOut 5.0 will automatically detect inside and outside areas. Screenshot crop

Cut out objects with just a few clicks

Work like a pro with chroma keying: Choose your background color and extract your object to a monochrome background with a single mouse click. This procedure is used by movie makers and professional model agencies alike to achieve many special effects! Screenshot Chromakey-Matting

Creativity without boundaries

Layer-based photo editing allows you to place your objects in front of various backgrounds - there's no limits to your creativity. CutOut 5.0 allows you to take single elements from your photos and combine them into a realistic new image composition. Screenshot creative

Retouch problem images

CutOut 5.0 provides smart tools to retouch or remove unwanted objects from your photos. Advanced tools like the smart eraser or the error brush let you touch up your photos like a pro.

Full-fledged photo editor

CutOut 5.0 not only allows you to cut out objects - it provides full image editing capabilities! Adjust foregrounds and backgrounds with numerous exposure, color and saturation functions and perfect your results with multiple transformation tools. It's everything you need in one application!

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System requirements:

Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7

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CutOut 5