Ashampoo Cinemagraph - vivid imagery and looped videos that will wow your audience 
Author:  | 04/08/2019 09:59
Oldenburg-based software developer Ashampoo presents Cinemagraph, a new fuss-free solution to create cinemagraphs in no time. Cinemagraphs combine the tranquility of static images with the dynamics of motion and command attention. This logical and intuitive cinemagraph software enables anyone to create vivid and engaging imagery. With the simple stroke of a brush, video portions are instantly rendered static or dynamic to capture and freeze their magic. Cinemagraphs are a genuine eyecatcher on every homepage and social media profile! more  Back to top

Ashampoo ActionCam - video editing software for action cam and drone videos 
Author:  | 02/25/2019 13:46
With ActionCam, German-based software developer Ashampoo offers a brand-new solution to comfortably optimize and post-process action cam and drone footage easily in just a few clicks. Ashampoo ActionCam also merges separate clips into one and exports highlights individually. Automatic video stabilization and sharpening are also included to quickly fix issues like camera shakes or lens distortions, quite common with action cam or drone videos. For additional vibrancy and vividness, contrast, color and white balance settings are also optimized fully automatically. more  Back to top

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Company info

Company info

The basic idea – selling software only over the Internet – sounds simple today, but in 1999 this was revolutionary.
With a handful of staff, a 64kbit (ISDN) leased line and a small office, Rolf Hilchner, whose own sector knowledge goes back to the year 1984, started with the realization of this idea. Henceforth software, which was developed in-house, has been sold over the Internet, excluding specialized shops. This strategic orientation paid off.
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