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Programs and parts of programs which are shareware, freeware, or otherwise in the public domain, may be used according to the directions given in the individual programs or program parts. It is not permitted to reproduce the programs with the intent of selling copies on data carriers. The copyright for the selection, organisation, and set-up of the programs and data is held by Franzis Verlag GmbH.

The data and programs contained on this medium/in this download have been carefully checked; yet due to the large amount of data and high number of programs, Franzis Verlag GmbH does accept any liability for the accuracy of the data or the proper functioning of the programs. Neither the publishers nor Franzis Verlag GmbH offer a guarantee or accept legal liability for the ability of the user to use individual files or information, for any commercial use, or for proper functionality for any given purpose.

Furthermore, there can be no liability that data, programs, icons, sounds, or other files may be used, and the producer can thus not be held responsible for any infringements on the rights of third parties. Conversely, most of the product names relating to hardware and software, as well as company names and logos, named in this product are trademarks and should be treated as such. As a general rule, the producer reproduces product names as they are written by the trademark-holder.

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