Sticky Password Premium
Sticky Password Premium

100% secure - Your password manager

Creates, manages and stores your passwords with maximum encryption.

Without strong passwords there can be no security on the internet! The more complex they are, the harder they are to crack. But who can honestly remember all of them anymore? How can you manage highly secure passwords for dozens of different services? Sticky Password creates and manages super-strong passwords for you. All you need to remember is your master password and the program handles the rest - with maximum encryption. Use Sticky Password and turn a hacker's worst nightmare into a reality!

Absolutely secure

AES‑256 – the world’s leading encryption standard. Optional synchronization via local Wi‑Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices. Biometric authentication.

Saves time every day

Instead of dozens of passwords, remember just one. Everything else is automatically filled in by the password manager.

Works across devices

Run Sticky Password on your tablet, your computer and your smartphone. Sync through our cloud server, your local Wi-Fi network or manually.

You and only you will know your master password!

We'll neither store your password on our servers nor will we send it over the internet. By default, it will also not be stored on your devices. It will only exist in your head.

The hackers’ nightmare: AES‑256

The data encryption used in Sticky Password is based on the world’s leading encryption standard AES‑256 – the same data encryption used by military and government organizations.

Offline data sync – via local Wi‑Fi or manually

One of the optional benefits of Sticky Password: you don’t have to synchronize only via our cloud servers. The synchronization can be made over local Wi‑Fi or manually – your encrypted data never leaves your devices.

Fingerprint Scanning

No other password manager offers more in terms of biometric support of fingerprint scanning than Sticky Password.

Identity verification of the account holder can be made with just one swipe of a finger. We support fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android phones and tablets that are equipped with fingerprint scanners. This includes Touch ID on iPhones and iPads, and the Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your data by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When activated, you’ll be prompted to enter an additional unique security Code after entering your Master Password each time you unlock your database.

Only one password to remember

We secure data just like the military

AES‑256 encryption the world’s leading standard also used by the military
Optional synchronization via local Wi‑Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices
Your master password for the manager is not known to anyone – not even to us
State‑of‑the‑art biometric authentication: fingerprint scanning
Password database auto‑lock – on your computer, tablet and smartphone
You're in control: at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud

Sticky Password works across all major platforms

Works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones
Excellent browser support: 16 browsers on all 4 major platforms
Synchronization via local Wi‑Fi
Synchronization via our cloud servers – only if you want
Optional manual offline synchronization
Perfect portability (USB portable version)

Practical backup

There’s an encrypted password database backup available for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data stored on it – only if you want
Cloud backup preserves several previous versions of your password database for you

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System requirements:

Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7

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