Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2: 8 programs in 1!

(Oldenburg 19th October, 2016) With Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2, German software developer Ashampoo releases an application that covers the use cases of 8 different programs. The suite enables users to compress and encode data to over 60 formats. New features include the much sought-after portable edition that runs from portable storage, e.g. USB flash drives, support for DAV and Microsoft Office Add-Ins that compress, encrypt and send data from within Office applications.

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  • New: Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2

  • Compress, encrypt and extract files

  • New: ZIP Portable

  • New: More performance with multi-core support

  • New: Split-view Explorer with additional ZIP features

  • New: Microsoft Add-Ins

  • More than 60 formats supported

  • Full 256-bit encryption

  • Price: GBP 24.99 ( GBP 9.99 for upgraders)

  • More information at:

Useful features for various applications
Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2 is not just a ZIP program but an extensive suite with features that cover everything from file compression/extraction to 256-bit encryption. ZIP Pro 2 processes over 60 formats and features new speed improvements thanks to enhanced multicore support. Backup creation can be automated and files can either be stored locally, in the cloud or on FTP servers. The new portable edition runs from any external drive and doesn't require installing. Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2 comes with eight distinct modules:

  • 1. Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2: Encrypt, compress and extract to 60 formats

  • 2. Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2 Portable: Compress and encrypt files via USB stick on the go

  • 3. Ashampoo ZIP for Office: Outlook, Word and Excel Add-ins

  • 4. Ashampoo Encryption Suite: Powerful 256-bit encryption

  • 5. Ashampoo ZIP Scripts: Fast backups locally, via cloud or FTP services

  • 6. Ashampoo Virtual Drive: Mount ISO images as virtual drives

  • 7. Ashampoo File Explorer: Traditional split-pane file explorer

  • 8. Ashampoo Cloud Browser: Access to 6 different cloud services

Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2 runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is available for GBP 24.99. Owners of a previous version can upgrade to Ashampoo ZIP Pro 2 for the special price of GBP 9.99. Back to top