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Ashampoo ActionCam - video editing software for action cam and drone videos

With ActionCam, German-based software developer Ashampoo offers a brand-new solution to comfortably optimize and post-process action cam and drone footage easily in just a few clicks. Ashampoo ActionCam also merges separate clips into one and exports highlights individually. Automatic video stabilization and sharpening are also included to quickly fix issues like camera shakes or lens distortions, quite common with action cam or drone videos. For additional vibrancy and vividness, contrast, color and white balance settings are also optimized fully automatically.

Tailor-made presets for all popular camera models ensure great optimization results and the effective removal of lens distortions, like the dreaded fisheye effect. The also program supports variable playback speeds to create slowmo and time-lapse effects and additional effects like tilt-shift or text overlays help put the final polish in video footage. Video editing is swift and intuitive with support for flipping, rotating and cutting / cropping. Thanks to batch-processing, users can quickly process multiple clips in a time-saving fashion. Ashampoo ActionCam imports all common video formats and codecs in any resolution (including HD, 2K and 4K).

Feature highlights:

• Perfect post-processing of action cam and drone videos

• Powerful contrast and color optimization

• White balance, exposure and saturation optimization

• Automatic video sharpening

• Effective video stabilization

• Fix lens distortions (fisheye effect)

• Rotate videos by custom angle

• Crop videos to any format

• Price: €49.99

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Action cam and drone shots frequently feature wide or fisheye lenses that put the viewer in the center of the action. When viewed on traditional TV or computer screens, the resulting distortions often mar the viewing experience. Thanks to a powerful algorithm, Ashampoo ActionCam fixes these distortions and creates a more realistic picture. And with multiple built-in device presets for all popular models, e.g. the GoPro line, it only takes a single click.

Stabilize shaky footage

As the name implies, action cams see a lot of tumultuous action frequently resulting in jittery shots that camera hardware cannot stabilize properly. To avoid eyestrain and nausea in viewers, ActionCam features next-gen video stabilization! Even handheld shots taken in full motion become more steady for a realistic, smooth viewing experience - at max resolution, naturally!

Contrast and color optimization

Ashampoo ActionCam adds more realism to video footage. Built-in white balancing to make your videos appear warmer or colder and selective brightness, hue, shadow and light manipulation help add that extra individual touch. No matter what the source, the multi-faceted optimization in Ashampoo ActionCam will create more stunning visuals.

Sharpening and batch processing

Fast-paced and drone-based shots are frequently lacking in sharpness. Ashampoo ActionCam features highly efficient sharpening to rid footage of any perceived mist and haze. And built-in batch-processing helps users work even faster by processing multiple clips in one go!

Some programs feature humongous, feature-laden editors that take a lot of getting used to. ActionCam's video editor focuses on the tools users really need! Rotating and flipping videos by fixed or custom increments is easy and intuitive and so is cropping to bring out the details in shots. Highlights can be exported individually or merged into a single highlight reel.

Text overlays and effects

To put the final polish in videos, Ashampoo ActionCam supports text overlays and stunning effects like tilt-shift in a fuss-free manner. The latter employs selective blurring to create a miniature effect that goes especially well with landscape footage and adds that special individual look.

Slowmo and time-lapse

Slowmo and time-lapse effects make for fascinating visuals by altering playback speeds. Most action cams record at 60 fps, ample room for stunning slow-mo effects. Naturally, time-lapse is also on board, e.g. to speed up less important sections hassle-free and without the need for additional steps.

Perfect for drone users

Ashampoo ActionCam not only excels at editing GoPro and other action cam footage but also fixes drone footage that suffers from common issues like camera shakes, poor colors, contrast or sharpness in just a few clicks.

Meta description:
Ashampoo ActionCam is action cam and drone video editing software to optimize sharpness and colors, stabilize shaky footage and fix lens distortions.

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