Anthropics Landscape­Pro 3 Studio⁠

A new way to edit your landscape photos

LandscapePro 3 Studio

A new way to edit your landscape photos

A smart, easy to use and powerful tool for landscape photographers!

Enhance your photos with atmospheric effects like rain, fog, lens flares, and more to capture unique moments. Remove unwanted objects from your landscapes and add that special touch to your shots with a new selection of skies. Protect your images online by adding watermarks or logos to preserve their exclusivity. Easily tweak focus and textures with the new Sharpen and Clarity sliders. Discover the possibilities of LandscapePro 3 and turn your landscape photos into stunning works of art!

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LandscapePro 3 Studio - More functions, even more possibilities

  • Read camera RAW format
  • Read Adobe DNG format
  • Read and write TIFFs with 16 bits per color sample
  • Works as a Photoshop plug-in with Smart Filter capability
  • Supports conversion between different color spaces
  • Read and write PNGs with 16 bits per color sample
  • Batch dialog to speed workflow
  • Histogram panel for precise editing
  • Works as a Lightroom plug-in
  • Works as a Photoshop Elements plug-in

Experience Anthropics LandscapePro, the ultimate solution for stunning landscape photography! Artificial intelligence and smart controls let you transform your photos into masterpieces. The user-friendly interface is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Enhance the sky, add weather effects and logos, and enjoy harmonious light play. Unleash your creative potential with LandscapePro! Perfect for beginners and experts alike!

Automatic range selection

Mark the functions in your image and the software will do the rest

Control the skies

LandscapePro comes preloaded with hundreds of sky-related options that you can freely choose from or add your own!

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Specific processing

Special tools to match your image–from water reflections to mountains

One-click presets

Edit your images with a single click thanks to smart presets!

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