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Accelerated Vision FOCUS #6 professional⁠ NEW!

Experience the magic of focus stacking

FOCUS #6 professional
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Macro photographers love focus stacking, so there is no doubt they will love FOCUS #6 too

With the latest version of FOCUS #6 professional, users can now process up to 2000 images in a single focus stack.

FOCUS #6 is an advanced image editing program that is ideal for macro photography. It enables the creation of a sharp image from a series of photos with varying depths of sharpness. This function is particularly useful in situations where the depth of field of the camera is insufficient for displaying the whole object with the requisite sharpness in close-up shots.´

In addition, FOCUS #6 professional offers 12 new presets, meaning there is now a total of 93 revised presets with AI filters in eight different categories. These presets are ideal for reworking your results directly from the program. The expert mode in the latest version of FOCUS #6 professional gives you 113 professional filters for fine-tuning your image. That includes eleven new AI effects in the “AI” effect category and eight new layer calculations (meaning the total is now 91).

Image alignment precision has been improved by up to 300%, providing more precise and sharp results. The speed of the focus fusion calculation and the PSF focus stacking algorithms has been increased significantly, with the latter working twice as quickly in the new version.


  • NEW: Supports LUT photo styles
  • NEW: AI module for using the custom AI filters you create with the new “AI Filter #1” program
  • 12 new AI-optimised image templates, with 93 in total
  • The maximum number of images per focus stack has increased to 2000
  • Extensive RAW development module with 15 new filters and a new artificial intelligence category with 4 AI filters
  • Adobe® Lightroom Classic® plugin
  • NEW: “Fill colour” module with up to eight layers
  • NEW: 3D lighting module
  • NEW: Automatic depth map generation
  • NEW: Two new smart ambient light modes
  • NEW: Number of composing layers increased from eight to twelve
  • NEW: Optimised image alignment with up to 300% more precision
  • NEW: Optimisation of PSF focus stacking algorithms and MCE and MSE algorithms
  • NEW: Custom category bar for switching editing categories on and off
  • Processing RAW image files & real-time color module with 10 layers
  • 18 new professional image filters in expert mode, with 113 in total
  • Virtual micro-details and grain & sensor error correction

Another outstanding feature is the extensive RAW development module. It provides new filters and a special “Artificial intelligence” category that takes the editing of RAW files to new levels. This is especially useful for photographers who want to get the most out of their raw data.

The selective drawing functions have been enhanced and now offer innovative new features such as a 3D lighting module, a depth map automatically calculated directly from the focus fusion, two new smart ambient light modes and twelve different layers in composing.

The user interface is optimally designed for use in HD and ultra HD (4K) resolution. All the main areas can be moved individually, and all the buttons feature interactive explanations (tooltips). The different areas are clearly and logically structured: you can find the presets on the left, the area for editing the current image in the middle and the “Finalise” and “Expert” areas on the right. You can make extensive changes to your image here with just a few clicks. The interface also has an innovative category bar, which you can use to switch the editing categories on and off with ease.

Do you prefer working with Lightroom? Then, you can simply use the provided plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom Classic®. Please note that the plug-ins are not installed automatically but are provided in a zip file.

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