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Nord­VPN Complete⁠

NordVPN Complete

Anonymity and Security on the web – anytime, anywhere!

Coming from a world-leading cybersecurity solutions provider and with a global mission – to shape a more trusted and peaceful online future for people everywhere. Nord Security products offer a complete ecosystem of advanced cybersecurity tools covering the needs of businesses and individuals.

NordVPN Plus includes everything you need for online security throughout the day:

This bundle includes 3 cybersecurity products – NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker 1 TB.

  • NordVPN helps to protect your online traffic and stop everyday online threats.
  • NordPass fills in passwords, stores card details, and lets you share credentials safer.
  • NordLocker 1TB lets you store and access important files in secure cloud storage safer.

Activate both products with just one code and manage them in one place - https://my.nordaccount.com/

Avoid breaks in your cybersecurity - use the possibility to activate auto-renewal feature.


Experience internet freedom and security

Studying or traveling abroad? NordVPN has more than 5,500+ secure VPN servers in 59 countries. Enjoy a fast and reliable connection wherever you go access your favorite home content even when you’re temporarily abroad. Wi-Fi networks, if not properly configured, can be extremely vulnerable to hacking. NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic, so even if the Wi-Fi network you connect to isn’t secure, you remain more protected.

Threat Protection

NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature makes you much safer from online threats. Turn it on, and Threat Protection will help to block intrusive ads and trackers, scan URLs to protect you better from dangerous websites, and scan downloaded files for malware. If a website you’re about to visit contains malware, trackers, spyware, or other malicious software, Threat Protection automatically blocks it. Also it blocks intrusive advertisements the moment you enter a website. Browse your favorite websites with less distractions.

Dark Web Monitor

The Dark Web Monitor feature scans the dark web for any login details associated with your email address and sends you an alert if there’s a hit. That way, you can immediately change your passwords and protect your accounts better before cybercriminals do damage.

One of the fastest VPN on the planet

All VPNs operate by routing your online traffic through secure VPN servers — and for most VPNs, this extra trip means a big jump in lag and latency. Not so with NordVPN. Thanks to advanced server infrastructure and NordVPN’s revolutionary NordLynx VPN protocol (based on WireGuard™), you’ll be able to safely work, browse, and play online without any noticeable slowdown.


Link up to 60 devices more securely with NordVPN’s Meshnet feature. Host and join virtual LAN parties and enjoy multiplayer games with friends wherever they are. Access files on remote devices more securely and share projects you’re working on via your local web server.

Extra features for extra security

NordVPN boasts a wide range of features to help to protect you from cyber threats. In addition to Threat Protection, there is an automatic Kill Switch that blocks your internet connection if your VPN connection drops, ensuring that your data stays safer. Double VPN will help when a high level of online security is required when traveling in countries known for heavy government censorship and strict internet regulations. You’ll be more protected from DNS leaks, too.


Autofill password and credit card details

Forget about manually typing login details. NordPass will do it for you. Save time, and experience online shopping like never before. Store your credit card details in the NordPass encrypted vault more securely and have them automatically filled in at online checkouts.

Store, generate and share passwords more securely

No need to remember hundreds of different passwords. Just save passwords in the NordPass encrypted password vault. Also, use built-in Password Generator to create complex, unique and safe passwords to protect your online accounts. You can also more securely share passwords with other NordPass users over an encrypted channel and grant full or limited access depending on your needs.

Access your passwords on multiple devices

The NordPass encrypted vault automatically syncs across multiple devices, allowing you to have instant access whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The strongest password you’ve got is you. Unlock your password vault using your face or fingerprint - secure biometric access is available.

Enjoy a more secure and passwordless authentication

Passkeys are a new, more secure and convenient way to sign up for and access apps and websites. If this feature is supported on a certain platform, you will be able to sign up and access online services the same way you unlock your phone — via biometrics. No longer will you need to create, remember, and type out passwords.

Identify weak passwords and leaked data

Stay one step ahead of security breaches and identify weak, old, or reused passwords with the Password Health tool. Also, discover whether any of your private data has been exposed in a data leak with the Data Breach Scanner.


Keep your data safer in the cloud

Store and manage your documents, videos, photos, and other personal files using just one encrypted cloud storage platform. NordLocker encrypts files locally on your computer or the moment you upload them into its secure cloud so that no one can have access to your data except for you.

State-of-the-art encryption technology

Proven cryptography algorithms and next-generation ciphers keep your files safer on all your devices and in the cloud. AES-256 encrypts files and filenames, xChaCha20-Poly1305 protects keychain and identity data, while Ed25519 ensures the security of your digital signatures.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Flexible cloud storage

You decide what the size of your encrypted cloud is. NordLocker is scalable, therefore, you can upgrade or downgrade your virtual storage anytime you want. As for local storage, NordLocker has no encryption limits.

Zero-knowledge architecture

Unlike some mainstream cloud providers, we don’t know your encryption keys which means we don’t have access to your cloud storage. What’s yours is yours only. No one will be able to download and open your files without your permission.

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