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Ashampoo® Disk-Space-Explorer 2023⁠

Running out of disk space? This program shows you why!

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Disk-Space-Explorer 2023

Keep track of your system

Drives can fill up quickly and you often don't know exactly why. So which files are eating up your space and which ones can you safely delete to reclaim it? Disk Space Explorer 2023 will tell you! It also quickly finds large folders and helps you to track down resource hogs.

The file filters are customizable and extendable with your own file formats. You can even group multiple formats together to create your own personal filters. Audio files, movies, images, archives, or documents, the choice is yours and yours alone. Explore the depths of your hard disks and find out exactly how much space your files occupy–and which of them can go!

Disk Space Explorer 2023 does what Windows Explorer can't: It allows you to filter through your drives and list files by size, including their disk space quota. You can also easily scan for specific file types e.g., to show movies or images only. The integrated bar chart gives you an instant overview of your file structure and reveals resource-hogging files and folders.

Feature highlights:

  • Visualize file distribution by folder / structure
  • Analyze disk space consumption based on file formats
  • Locate resource hogs
  • Filter by file type
  • Customize file type filters
  • Multiple types of charts to visualize results
  • Create custom filters based on file types
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