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All the programs, routines, controls, etc., contained in this data media or within this download are protected by their respective authors or distributors as mentioned in the respective programs.
The purchaser of this data media or of this download is authorised to use those programs, data or data groups that are not marked as shareware or public domain for his/her own purposes within the provisions of their designated use.
He/she is authorised to use programs or parts of programs that are marked as shareware, freeware or public domain within the restrictions given by the respective programs or parts of programs.
A reproduction of programs with the intent of distributing data media containing programs is forbidden.
Franzis Verlag GmbH holds the copyright for the selection, arrangement and disposition of the programs and data on these data media or these downloads.

The data and the programs in this data media or within this download have been checked with the greatest possible care.
Considering the large quantity of data and programs, Franzis assumes no warranty for the correctness of the data and a flawless functioning of the programs. Franzis Verlag GmbH and the respective distributors do not under-take neither warranty nor legal responsibility for the use of individual files and information with respect to their economic viability or their fault-free operation for a particular purpose.
Additionally, there is no guarantee that all the included data, programs, icons, sounds and other files are free to use.
Therefore the publisher cannot be held liable for a possible breach of third party copyrights or other rights.
Most product designations of hard- and software and company names and labels mentioned in this product are registered trademarks and should be treated as such. The product designations used by the publisher are basically as the manufacturer describes them.

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