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Ashampoo® Office 9⁠

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Office 9
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It's everything an office suite should be: powerful and fully compatible!

Ashampoo Office 9 is totally worth getting! Our newest Office suite is compatible with all Microsoft Office suites, including Office 365 and Office 2019. All modules feature greatly improved spellchecking for various languages, enhanced clipboard pasting, and improved handling of hyperlinks! Work with WEBP images, create space-efficient PDFs with smart resolution scaling, and effortlessly handle grouped elements. But it's not just about features: Ashampoo Office 9 is the best-looking Office suite to date, with its elegant Windows 11 inspired design and nifty auto-activating dark mode that respects your Windows settings! Change is good and there's been lots of it throughout the suite so go check it out today!

Space-efficient PDFs with auto-scaling NEW!
Auto-corrections of common typos for various languages NEW!
Additional list view in "New document" dialog box NEW!
Different formatting options for pasted clipboard content NEW!
Insert WEBP images NEW!
Easily edit grouped objects NEW!
Display full document path in title bar NEW!
Direct input of hex values for Unicode characters NEW!
Auto-suggestions for hyperlink insertion NEW!
Share documents with Windows apps NEW!
Undo individual steps during text replacement NEW!
Compatible with MS Office, including Office 365 and Office 2019
Long-term document preservation with PDF/A and easy save state management
Previews for all document templates
New design options through AutoShape conversion
Combine AutoShape objects to create sophisticated layouts
Use Scalable Vector Graphics to design attractive documents
Improved user interface for better rearranging of objects
Enhanced auto-hyphenation for better texts
The perfect alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Support for classic view and modern view with ribbons
Incredible ease of use with fold-out elements
Quick-access toolbar with most frequently used elements
Fully-usable on touchscreens
Pin important documents for permanent access
Send mails in Microsoft-compatible formats
Select multiple non-contiguous text ranges with the Ctrl key NEW!
Easy two-document comparison with synchronous scrolling NEW!
Embedded font support for TMDX and DOCX files NEW!
Document-embedded fonts so recipients don't need to have them installed NEW!
New Book layout with first page on the right in two-page view NEW!
Filter paragraph and character styles by "All styles", "Styles in use" and "Styles in document" NEW!
Rotate table cells with Table ribbon tab NEW!
Displace whitespaces as dots for all Unicode variants NEW!
Numbered lists with leading zeros NEW!
Quickly create dummy texts NEW!
New document templates for any purpose
Insert folding marks that work with all envelopes
Create your own document templates with ease
Quick document searches with new sidebar
Miniature page previews for easy navigation in large documents
SQLite support
Built-in dBase to SQLIte converter
Bulk printing now supports for XLSX and PMDX files
Use Microsoft Word compatible foot and endnotes in the same document
Now with support for Word-compatible multi-page endnotes
Easy document navigation with clickable table of contents entries
Enhanced and more flexible spell checker
Real-time word counter in status bar
Ingeniously easy adding of page numbers to headers and footers
Real-time preview of formatting changes and in file chooser
PDF forms, tagged PDFs, and bookmarks in PDF files
Version management that keeps a freely selectable number of versions of each file and enables you to revert to any previous version
Create and print labels from the database
Opens and saves DOCX files of Microsoft Word 2010 lossless
Cross references to headings or text
Preview of templates in File > New
The color of the workspace can be adjusted freely
Automatic superscripting of ordinal numbers (2nd, 3rd etc.)
Jump to the next or previous spelling or grammar mistake
Additional number formats in enumerations and fields
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
Improved formatting of calculations and fields
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
The sidebar enables quick navigation and formatting within a document
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
AutoFormat for tables
Preview of stylesheets with a list of all formatting included
Styles can be directly created from the formatting of a text and also be updated
Crop pictures directly in TextMaker 2010
Legends and list of figures
Antialiasing for all graphics and drawings
Import and export SQLite databases NEW!
Sort by color (cell color and font color) NEW!
Filter by color with AutoFilter NEW!
Support for custom date order in CSVs (DMY, MDY, YMD) NEW!
Dynamic cell-based chart titles, axis titles and data labels NEW!
Custom decimal and thousands separators for CSV files NEW!
Link texts in AutoShapes to table cells NEW!
Convenient Formula ribbon tab with recalculation options NEW!
Sort pivot tables with user-defined lists NEW!
New page break preview for easier print preparation
Element grouping support in pivot tables
New Excel-compatible calculation functions
Display multiple real-time calculations in the status bar
New TMDV and PRDX file formats for even more possibilities
More versatile spreadsheet templates
Numerous new formatting options
Open and save XLS and XLSX files from Microsoft Excel 5.0 to 2013 faithfully to the original, including password-protected files
Scale the printout so that it fits on a specified number of pages (five different scaling methods)
More than 350 calculation functions
With pivot tables you can display data in a targeted way according to your individual specifications, summarize them, sort them into categories, compare and evaluate them
Sort by up to 64 columns
Live preview formatting changes
Conditional formatting with numerous new features
Colored tabs for worksheets
Images can be cropped directly in the worksheet
More than 80 different chart types
Lossless import of XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010)
User-defined numeric formats exactly as in Microsoft Excel
Data consolidation: Extract useful statistical information from your data
“Text to columns“: Splits text in cells according to a specified separator across multiple columns
Remove duplicate or empty rows with just one click
External references (referring to cells in other files)
Excel compatible functions: “copy down“ and “copy from left”
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
Chart types: stock chart and boxplot
Create charts on separate chart sheets
Save charts as image files
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
More calculation functions (AverageIf and IfError)
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
New graphic effects like reflections, smooth shadows and transparency
Crop pictures directly in PlanMaker 2010
Impressive new graphic effects for charts: smooth shadows, smooth edges, and transparency
New dynamic PowerPoint-compatible slide transitions NEW!
Linux support for audio and video elements in presentations NEW!
Element to rate table cells on Table ribbon tab NEW!
Toggle rulers in fullscreen mode NEW!
Create self-contained slideshows that play on any PC without extra software
New slide transitions
Transitions now seamlessly compatible with PowerPoint
New Media ribbon for better management of movie or audio objects
Improved design templates for stunning slideshows in just a few clicks
Handy presenter view for presentations
Use slide masters comparable to PowerPoint
Work creatively with images and movies
Open and save PPT and PPTX files from Microsoft Powerpoint 97 to 2013 faithfully to the original, including password-protected files
File chooser dialog with document live preview
Version management allows users to restore any previous document state
Preview formatting changes live
Built-in image cropping
Realistic photo frame effect
Insert charts (80 chart types in 2D and 3D)
Fullscreen presentations
Open and save PPTX files of PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 lossless
Open and save password-protected PPT- and PPTX files
Design masters can be easily copied in the master slide view
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
Play sound files as background music across several slides
The color of workspace can be adjusted freely
More elegant design templates
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
Crop pictures directly in Presentations
Antialiasing for editing and presentation
Add your own picture compilations
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