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The easy way to spot and delete duplicate photos

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Find duplicate and similar photos instantly

Do you love taking photos? Then you must know what a pain managing and organizing them can be. Duplicate Photo Cleaner helps you manage your photos, find and delete duplicates and keep your best shots. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is powerful but easy to use. It will help you spot and delete redundant or similar photos on your PC or Mac. It's the perfect tool to organize your albums and rid your collection of duplicate or low-quality shots.

  • Delete duplicates and organize your collection perfectly
  • Supports multiple file types including RAW and PSD
  • Find similar photos with customizable tolerance threshold
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

For hobbyists and professionals

Picture this: You've taken several shots of a flower but only one of them is perfect. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will show you a list of all similar shots and get rid of then for you, instantly sorting the wheat from the chaff! The program is suited for hobbyists and professional photographers alike and supports all common image types and professional formats like RAW and PSD. Managing your photos with Duplicate Photo Cleaner is fast, simple and fun!

Find and delete duplicate photos

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the perfect organizer for your photo collection because it not only detects duplicates but also similar photos. Unlike other tools that rely on file names and sizes alone, Duplicate Photo Cleaner's results are based on actual image data–with fully customizable likeliness thresholds.

Easy photo comparisons

Find duplicate photos is a piece of cake with Duplicate Photo Cleaner. Just drag the folder with your photos into the scan area. Duplicate Photo Cleaner then analyzes your files and lists duplicate or similar photos. From there, all that's left to do is for you to decide which ones stay and which ones go.

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