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Abelssoft Abelssoft Easy­Firewall 2024⁠ NEW!

Perfects the Windows Firewall and offers even more security

Abelssoft EasyFirewall 2024

Cyber-attacks are on the rise: Expand Your Protective Wall with EasyFirewall

  • Get the most out of your Windows firewall
  • More understandable, easier to use and therefore more secure
  • Create new security rules for your online applications
  • Alerts you to anomalies with real-time protection

With EasyFirewall, your Windows firewall becomes the ultimate security software

Pre-installed on almost every Windows PC, the standard firewall provides acceptable basic protection against outside intruders. Why do many people still protect themselves with an expensive external firewall?

This is due to the non-transparent nature of the firewall. It works almost invisibly according to predefined rules, and as a user you don't know which applications are communicating with the internet. This ignorance can be fatal, because making settings on the Windows firewall itself is incomprehensible and extremely complex.

EasyFirewall perfects your firewall, optimizes the settings and usability and thus offers you the highest level of security.

Set rules with the help of the firewall wizard and decide for yourself which applications are allowed to communicate with the internet, whether incoming or outgoing, and which should not be allowed to connect at all. Real-time protection keeps you informed immediately and lets you know as soon as an application gives itself permission for future internet connections.

Easy to use

With EasyFirewall, operating the complex Windows firewall is finally child's play.

Set your own security rules

With the help of rules, you can set which applications are allowed to communicate with the internet and which are not.

EasyFirewall Wizard

The firewall wizard helps you to create a rule and gives you tips on what is hidden behind technical terms.

Real-time protection

With real-time protection, you are immediately informed as soon as an application gives itself permission to send data to the Internet.

Panic mode

With just one click, you activate the panic mode and immediately interrupt all network connections.

Select network security

Use different modes to switch between maximum security or comfort - depending on whether you are on a public WLAN.

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