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Internet Accelerator 3
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  • Deutsch Ashampoo
  • English Ashampoo
  • Nederlands Roger Defevere
  • Français Jean-Yves Gelle
  • Magyar László Koncz
  • Pусский Aleksandr Denisenko
  • Polski Jacek Milecki
  • Italiano Ashampoo
  • Norsk Ulf Aasen
  • Português Manuela Silva
  • Español Miguel Blasco
  • Svenska Olle Ohlsson
  • Türkçe Turgay Yilmaz
  • Slovenščina Jadran
  • čeština Libor Divis
  • 汉语 Smilefly
  • 日本語 yamato_takeru
  • български език Kiril Kanev
  • український Taras
  • Português (Br) José Carlos Taveira
  • 漢語 Alan
  • 한국어 pCsOrI
  • العربية Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi
  • Dansk Rasmus Bertelsen
  • Ελληνικά Nikos Sylligardakis
  • Română Andrei Grigorcea
  • Català Joan Queralt
  • Việt Huy Nhat
  • Slovenský Milan Slovák
  • Српски Ilija Komljenović
  • Español (Argentina) Angel De Giorgi
  • Byelorussian Arhim2005
  • Norsk Nynorsk Olai Otterå

You can't find an Ashampoo product in your language?

Would you prefer to work with an Ashampoo product in your language?

Then use the Ashampoo Translation Studio to edit, translate or mangle all the texts used in the program to your heart's content!

You enjoy translating and would like to provide a translation for your fellow countrymen and countrywomen? Then send your language file by e-mail to . After a short check your translation will be integrated into the setup of the corresponding program and will be offered for download worldwide.

Ashampoo® Translation Studio Installation Setup

The setup contains the language editor itself and a how-to which explains how-to localise Ashampoo products using the Ashampoo Translation Studio.

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