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Ashampoo® Un­Installer FREE⁠

Remove unwanted programs, try out software without worries and put a stop to malware!

UnInstaller FREE

Uninstall and remove programs without leftovers for free–permanently!

Ashampoo UnInstaller FREE lets you remove applications without any leftover files completely free of charge! The program monitors software installations and logs all associated Registry modifications. UnInstaller FREE then uses these logs to completely remove no longer wanted programs. This means you can now evaluate new software without worries, knowing that your Windows will stay clean no matter what!

Full application removal with UnInstaller, for a clean Windows system

Even nested setups, common with many downloaders, are detected and now fully removable. This takes the fear out of software downloads that may come with potentially unwanted programs. In addition, software installations not logged by UnInstaller are still thoroughly removable, thanks to powerful in-depth cleaning technology that is built into UnInstaller and that goes far beyond what traditional uninstall routines can do.

Uninstall Windows Apps and view ratings

Windows comes preinstalled with apps for various applications. And, whether you need them or not, they will occasionally pop up and keep occupying disk resources. UnInstaller FREE can remove these apps without problems, and it comes with a ratings overview that will help you to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff!

Nifty Windows tools to clean, configure, and optimize your system

Aside from software removal, UnInstaller FREE also comes with system maintenance and optimization tools. Internet Cleaner takes care of web browsing traces, freeing up disk space and protecting your privacy. Startup Tuner optimizes your Autostart entries for faster boot times and Service Manager does the same for your Windows services. File Associator manages your file type associations and File Wiper permanently deletes sensitive data.

  • Log file based software removal
  • Remove software with in-depth cleaning
  • Wipe sensitive data after software removal with File Wiper
  • Carefree removal of nested setups
  • System maintenance and optimization tools

Ashampoo UnInstaller FREE lets you remove software more thoroughly than is possible with Windows' default means or the uninstall routines provided by setups alone! You can use this software forever free of charge–guaranteed!

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