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Franzis NEAT projects 2⁠

A free view of your motif, no matter how many people are blocking it

NEAT projects 2

There's always someone blocking the shot!

What are right ingredients for a memorable vacation photo? It certainly takes a good motif, suitable lighting and an eye for the perfect shot - but never other tourists! NEAT projects takes care of this issue with tried and tested technology. The program erases all blocking objects and turns your shots into unique eyecatchers.

Screenshot WinOptimizer Power

Simply take multiple shots of your motif and let NEAT projects erase the moving objects!

NEAT projects is ideal for

  • Cities, attractions and landscapes without annoying people or cars!
  • Unblocked views of museum artworks
  • Photograph streets without moving cars

Our tip for you: Photograph your family in front of tourist attractions without annoying tourists (even though they may be swarming the place)

NEW: Exposure prediction: New procedure for automatic exposure correction of image sequences

Differences in the exposure of single shots are automatically subtracted for even more precise results. In addition, this feature can also load in exposure series, as long as the differences between the single shots are within tolerance levels.

Benefits at a glance

  • Finally city pictures without tourist obstructions
  • Fully-automatic removal of moving objects
  • Also works without tripods!
  • Up to 30 images per series
  • Now even faster: up to 40% faster calculation of fusion algorithms
  • Standalone version: no additional software needed
  • NEW 7 optimized movement algorithms included
  • NEW 43 presets in four categories
  • NEW Quick preset management with browser view
  • NEW Fusion profiles to create and save individual profiles
  • NEW Image compositing module

A perfect shot of the motif - and nothing else

No matter how many people gather in front of a place of interest, e.g. a famous building, all you need to do is take a couple of shots. And you don't need a tripod either. NEAT projects automatically erases all moving objects, including people, from your image. Now, you can finally take professional shots of tourist attractions and nature without visual interference.

How NEAT projects works

NEAT projects uses award-winning alignment algorithms to superimpose multiple images on top of each other. Then, any objects out of alignment will be removed - no manual intervention needed! Your picture will be free from any annoyances, like walking tourists, that were blocking your shot.

NEAT projects: Everybody needs it, anybody can use it

The question isn't if you need NEAT projects, but when. And you will definitely need it eventually, and when you do, NEAT projects will be ready for you with full support for JPEG, TIFF and RAW. Simply take a sequence of pictures and have the program erase of all moving objects and persons. Enjoy perfect results, automatically and at blazing speed. It's like magic!

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