EaseUS Ease­US Disk Copy⁠

The best software for cloning hard disks or partitions!

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EaseUS Disk Copy

The best software for cloning hard disks or partitions!

EaseUS Disk Copy Technician allows users to clone data, applications and settings from one hard disk to another. The new hard disk is 100% identical to the original hard disk. This can increasingly reduce the time-consuming process of reinstalling on the new drive.

As a professional and comprehensive disk cloning tool, EaseUS Disk Copy can efficiently copy the disks to greatly improve the efficiency of data migration, operating system transfer and hard disk update.

Main features of EaseUS Disk Copy

  • 1-click OS migration: Transfer the operating system to a new hard disk.
  • Copy sector by sector: create an exactly identical clone of a disk or partition.
  • Clone a large data carrier to a smaller one in order to move data to a new SSD.
  • Upgrade a small disk to a larger one to improve the performance of the computer.
  • Clone the system drive to a new one without reinstalling the operating system.
  • Copy hard disk to back up and migrate data.
  • Migrate old hard disk to a new SSD.
  • Clone UEFI boot (GPT disk).

Hard disk upgrade without losing data!

To solve the problem of low storage space on a computer, it is most helpful to replace the current hard disk with a newer and larger HDD/SSD. Cloning a hard disk ensures a smooth upgrade from one hard disk to another, as files, programs and the operating system are transferred unchanged.

Migrate Windows 10/11 without reinstalling!

No one is willing to spend time and money reinstalling an operating system, especially when Windows 10/11 takes an endless amount of time to boot after installation. EaseUS SSD clone software can easily migrate your Windows installation from an HDD to an SSD, clone SSDs to M.2 SSDs or clone an SSD to a SATA/M.2/NVMe type.

Replace defective hard disk for complete data recovery!

Have you lost access to data on a defective hard disk? The expert-approved method for recovering data from a defective or even broken hard drive is to use the best drive cloning software to create a disk image of the defective hard drive on a new, healthy hard drive.

Clone old HDD/SSD to a new computer!

If you are setting up a new PC, it makes sense to clone all data, files and the operating system on the hard disk of your old computer to another hard disk and to start the new computer from the cloned hard disk to avoid having to reinstall it.

Transferring data from one drive to another!

You may rely on a hard disk partition for your studies, work or entertainment, but it's on a computer. If taking a laptop with you is not possible, you can use the system cloning feature to create a portable Windows USB drive to take with you.

Create a complete backup for immediate restoration!

You can clone your Windows hard disk to back it up. If the original hard disk is damaged, you can immediately replace it with the backup hard disk. Without the time-consuming process of restoring data, everything is preserved and looks normal on the original hard disk.

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