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AI Assistant

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Ashampoo AI Assistant is the most convenient way to use artificial intelligence productively!

Everyone's talking about artificial intelligence (also known as AI) as it offers immense possibilities–if one knows how to use it! Our claim: With the right program, anyone can use it! Ashampoo AI Assistant offers you the world of AI without complicated input procedures through a clear, intuitive interface. Improve the spelling and style of your texts, auto-create them with simple prompts, and effortlessly translate them into all world languages! Let the AI compose entire responses to emails or letters, analyze texts, or unleash your creativity with modern AI support!

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Text generation

Your smart all-purpose secretary!

Ashampoo AI Assistant offers three impressive main features: You can have it compose texts according to your requirements, you can insert texts and adjust them according to your preferences, or you can freely ask the AI questions or give it various tasks. How about a charming birthday invitation, a factual response to an email, or a letter that only needs a few keywords from you? Whether it's an email, letter, social media posting, or private correspondence, Ashampoo AI Assistant will save you an incredible amount of time! The artificial intelligence strikes the right tone and answers even complex inquiries in mere seconds. Use the smart presets to define base parameters with a single click and focus on what really matters: your task for the AI!

Auto-enhance and translate texts

Sophisticated word processing and multi-lingual translations at the click of a button

Simply input your text or copy it into the text field and let the AI rewrite it exactly the way you want! Utilize one of the many options to quickly correct, shorten, simplify, or elaborate your text. Give your text a new style or different length to ensure it's perfectly received! Do you want the result translated into one of the 20 supported world languages immediately? That can be done instantly too, even keywords or quick notes can be transformed into a professional text in no time!

Analyze and summarize

Save time with smart text analyzes and precise summaries

Save time and effort and let the AI do the work. Need only the key points of a text or a list of people involved? The AI assistant does this in seconds! Have the mood of a text analyzed, its intention outlined, or simply create a high-quality summary! Save massive time and effort by having the text analysis done by artificial intelligence! This function is also perfect for students and anyone who wants to continue their education.

AI-Powered freestyle mode

Endless opportunities for AI interaction for creativity and exciting experiments

Do you want to interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in full and without restrictions, challenge it with questions or assign it tasks? The interactive mode offers exactly these possibilities and knows no boundaries! Whether you're interacting just out of pure curiosity, have specific questions, or want to get creative, you're in the right place. Discover the limitless possibilities that AI offers you! Learn new languages, get recipe suggestions, plan hobby projects or your next trip! Do you need a poem for a loved one's anniversary, a summary of a book, or are you looking for support with your budget planning? The AI is there to assist you in all these matters!

Your favorite features as macros

Utilize AI in Office and other applications via keyboard shortcuts

If there's a feature you particularly enjoy using, you can define your own macros so that the program executes this feature with a keyboard shortcut. Once set up, you can save maximum time! And the best part: Once you have set up a macro, such as "Translate into English + Execute + Professional Tone", you can also use it in Office documents or any word processor. Ashampoo AI Assistant can be minimized or located on another screen during these operations! This way, you can enjoy the benefits of AI with every email, letter, and website!

Already working with ChatGPT?

Enter luxury mode with numerous comfort features!

Are you tired of seeing the same plain ChatGPT input mask every day? Ashampoo AI Assistant provides you with a beautiful, two-part user interface. You are automatically logged in and can use the latest GPT version. Even when you are, for example, composing an email, you can use the full power of AI via shortcuts. Do you need a text to be quickly corrected, changed in its tonality, or translated? You don't even have to leave the mail program for this! Use smart macros or create your own to access your favorite functions instantly. Experience ChatGPT in a completely new way and discover a reliable AI that is not only productive, but also individually customizable, perfectly designed, and convenient!

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