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Abelssoft Abelssoft Recordify 2024⁠

A cassette recorder for Windows PC!

$ 16.50
$ 33
For up to 3 devices
Lifetime license
30-day money back guarantee
Abelssoft Recordify 2024

The legal way to record music, audiobooks, and podcasts

Whether individual song or entire playlist, Recordify records and downloads them permanently. Simply run your playlists and have Recordify detect, label, and download the individual titles to your hard disk in the highest possible quality!

Comes with built-in music player – and the highest possible sound quality!

The integrated music player plays your songs without the need for online connections. Enjoy your online music collection offline, whenever and wherever you want! Recordify records and downloads songs from Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music in audio qualities up to 320 kbps.

Features at a glance

  • Recordify for Windows
  • Captivating animations
  • Recording function for streaming services
  • Advertisements are automatically removed
  • Automatic collection of ID3 tags
  • Stereo mix recording function records what can be heard
  • Saves recordings in MP3 and FLAC formats
  • Also exports as WAV file
  • Automatic volume leveling of different songs

Record music from various sources

The Windows application Recordify can record anything you hear through your speakers. This makes recording songs from streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music and saving them as MP3s a breeze. The same goes for audiobooks from online media libraries or audio tracks from YouTube videos.

Record music from streaming services

Online music streaming services are a great way to enjoy millions of songs – provided you have a reliable internet connection, because none of the songs gets saved to your hard disk. But what if there was a way to download and permanently save the songs so you can enjoy them offline whenever and wherever you want? Enter Recordify! This software works a little bit like a digital tape recorder but without noise or loss of quality.

Music library with correct ID3 tags

Recordify cuts the individual songs from the stream and tries to collect the ID3 tags to match. In the end, you get perfect music files that can be transferred to your own collection as MP3. As with the owner of a cassette recorder, the PC user automatically pays a flat copyright fee, which is already added to the hardware costs, to legalize this type of recording and make it financially viable for musicians. The music tracks are saved to the hard disk by Recordify in MP3, WAV or FLAC formats.

Recording songs is legal

All our products are developed in accordance with the strict German legal requirements to protect you and us. The basis is the §53 UrhG, according to which own copies for private use are allowed. All our products also respect the specifications of media providers, so that no copy protection measures are broken or bypassed. As early as 2016, the Munich District Court clarified that this approach is in line with German law. So feel free to download as many songs, audiobooks, and podcasts as you like!

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