Ashampoo® Burning Studio 23

Ashampoo®  Burning Studio 23

Probably the best burning application of its time

Windows 11
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Get the best-in-class software to copy and burn your data, movies and music to CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Get Ashampoo® Burning Studio!

Ashampoo® Burning Studio 23 is back–with a vengeance! This year, we've added Windows 11 as well as audiobook support. Listening to audiobooks on the go has never been easier, as Ashampoo® Burning Studio 23 now completely takes care of file sorting and naming. Just drag and drop your books and you're good to go! Our "best of" feature is definitely another highlight and introduces smart intermediate buffering. This allows you to compile files from various sources into a single project without the constant hassle of module switching. We've also added a new cover search that gives you greater control for always perfect results, extended car radio support and made numerous under the hood improvements to bring you the fastest and most stable Burning Studio ever!

Functions and features of the program
Fully Windows 11 compatible
Best-of feature for quick source switching
More project versatility with intermediate buffering
Extensive audiobook module
Auto-sort audiobook chapters
Enhanced cover search
Quick ripping tool
Burn files and folders
Automatic disc spanning for unlimited storage capacity
Enhanced blank disc detection
Improved disc burning options
Scratch protection for always accessible data even with damaged surfaces
Disc Spanning with safety mode
M-Disc support
BDXL support
Disc encryption to protect sensitive data against prying eyes
Disc spanning to automatically split huge amounts of data across several discs
Subsequent finalize CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs
Create CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs with autostart capability
Create data discs with autoplay menus
Create CD, DVD and Blu-ray data discs
Update existing discs and add/remove files and folders
Erase rewritable CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs such as BD-RE and CD-RW discs
Internal program features and functions
Lightning fast feature access with quick-start shortcuts
Numerous improvements for disc burning, file backups and conversions
New elegant user interface
More than 200 new car radios supported
Brilliant new templates for disc artwork and Blu-ray menus
Exciting new carousel navigation
Module favorites for instant access
New program navigation with home button
New intuitive editor for covers and inlays
Bright, high-contrast user interface theme
Optimized work flow for less clicks and waiting times
Multi-disc CD player emulator support
Numerous special cases supported in car radio module
Burn password-protected discs
Ingenious history view for the last 20 projects with recovery feature
New modern themes and templates for covers, slideshows and menus
Extensive sound module for your car radio
Import Windows Media Player and iTunes playlists easily
Create individual playlists for your car
For the perfect MP3 stick: Always the right format and song order, automatically!
Retrieve cover images based on MP3 tags
Online cover searching also for unknown tracks
Fascinating mosaic covers
Improved selection of burning settings
Custom user interface skins
Cover Studio: design and print booklets, cases and labels
Use your own background image
Work safer with auto-save
Media analysis
Use compact mode to run long burning operations in the background and still receive status notifications
New customizable file browser for improved navigation
File browser supports custom favorites
Access external online sources such as Facebook and Picasa
Burn movies
Modern H.265 decoder for stunning video quality
Rotate videos with ease
Improved slideshows with superior image optimization
Probably the easiest video editor ever made
New modern slideshow and disc menu themes
Record live commentary with your slideshows
Faster video encoding through Intel Media with many onboard cards
Native MPEG-4, H.264 and AAC support
Smart wizards for perfect slideshows
Convenient sort features for slideshow images
More than 140 slide transition effects
Professional fade in/out effects plus cross-fades for music
Support for SRT-based subtitles
Free theme downloads
Create custom slideshow themes
Up to 15% faster encoding
Sound effects for videos and slideshows
Record from any registered Windows recording device
Adjust volume and normalize MP3 and WMA files video audio tracks
Create custom menu templates
Create slideshows
Add motion to slides through free camera movement and zooms
Cut and split movies
Multi-core support for fast rendering and encoding
Create video Blu-ray from prepared folder
Create video DVD from prepared folder
Create Video CD (VCD)
Create Super Video CD (VCD)
Create disc menus for Video discs
Add themes and subtitles to movies
Disc images
Create disc images from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs
Easier disc image creation
Improved ISO browser with image previews
Browse disc images
Create disc images from projects
Added support for CUE+MP3, CUE+Flac and CUE+Wav
Burn music
Rip music more comfortable with covers, metadata and more
New tailor-made profiles for car radios, cd changers and mobile storage media
Equalize and adjust frequencies for your music files automatically with the integrated equalizer module
Adjust volume and normalize MP3 and WMA files
Shuffle feature
Custom pause lengths
Supported file format:APE
Create playlists during audio disc ripping
Supported file format: OPUS
Cover artwork auto-retrieval during audio disc ripping
Rip to FLAC and OGG
Create audio CDs
Create and burn audio CDs from playlists
Support for 96kHz sampling
Include meta data in audio conversion
Export track lists
Create MP3 and WMA CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs
Extract audio from audio discs
Backup files and folders
Smart backup plans for reliable data backups
Reminder feature for backup plans
Backups from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices) at the click of a button
Create file and folder backups
Compress and encrypt backups
Advanced functions
Create modified copies of CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs
Jump list support for swift access to essential features
Define file system (ISO/Joliet/UDF)
Create bootable disc
Set emulated boot environment
Only $49.99
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Ashampoo® Burning Studio 23

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