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The ultimate virus, ransomware and malware protection

Effectively detect and neutralize viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware! Ashampoo Anti-Virus protects your PC against all threats, including zero-day ransomware and trojans that have never been analyzed before. Every day, 300,000 new internet threats emerge but Ashampoo Anti-Virus' four innovative layers of protection will keep you safe, always! The specially designed browsing protection, the real-time file guard, the advanced behavior analysis and the uncompromising Anti-Ransomware module stop all threats right in their tracks. Once you start using Ashampoo Anti-Virus, you can browse the web and open files without worries again!

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Comprehensive privacy protection

  • Unique: Dual-engine virus and malware scanner
  • Real-time virus, ransomware and malware protection
  • Centerpiece: Four layers of protection against any threat
  • Hourly updates: Up-to-date protection against 300,000 new threats every day
  • Handy: Cleaning and file recovery features
  • Resource-friendly background operation
  • Detailed action logs for post-analysis
  • Browsing protection for hassle-free web surfing
  • Real-time file guard with lightning fast dual-engine scanner
  • Neutralize zero-day threats with advanced behavior analysis
  • Stop ransomware before it strikes with Anti-Ransomware
  • Powerful real-time protection without performance overhead

The virus scanner for maximum protection

Our real-time virus scanner offers excellent protection against all kinds of malware (trojans, worms etc.). Each file is inspected and analyzed by not one but two powerful scanners and threats are neutralized instantly and fully automatically. But two engines means twice the resource consumption, right? Nope! You won't even notice there are two hearts beating in your software. Ashampoo Anti-Virus guarantees total protection without noticeable performance drops!

How is it that our software scans faster with two engines than other programs with one?

By combining the power of two effective antivirus and antimalware technologies, Ashampoo Anti-Virus not only detects threats but does so faster than most competitors - and with minimal redundancy and resource consumption.

Neutralizes ransomware before your files are lost

The Anti-Ransomware module was specifically designed to detect the behavioral patterns of ransomware. This way, attacks can be stopped before your files are encrypted. Competing products only detect attacks in progress so your important files might already be lost before the security software takes action! Ashampoo Anti-Virus provides maximum protection with the preemptive threat neutralization.

Four proven layers of protection against 300,000 new threats every day

For total protection, Ashampoo Anti-Virus employs four security systems in parallel to track and eliminate threats. No matter what hits you, Ashampoo Ant-Virus will take care of it!

1. Browsing protection

In case you're accidentally visiting a site infected with trojans, spyware or other malware, Ashampoo Anti-Virus will keep you safe and block all connection attempts.

2. Real-time file protection

Real-time protection means downloaded or modified files are scanned live via a blazing fast dual-engine scanner. And best of all: Even though you're protected 24/7, you won't notice a thing. That's how effective antivirus protection is done!

3. Behavior analysis

Ashampoo Anti-Virus constantly monitors active programs for suspicious behavior and warns you the second it detects dubious activity. This gives you total protection against both known and new threats!

4. Anti-ransomware

Dedicated heuristics-based behavior analysis stops ransomware in its tracks before it can harm your files.

Comprehensive system protection, no matter what

There's no shortage of threats to your PC. Play it safe with our security software. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 14 is your lifesaver in case of total system failure or serious hardware defects. Auto-create daily file backups and recover your entire system in the blink of an eye! For everything else, there's Ashampoo® WinOptimizer , our most extensive Windows optimization and maintenance suite ever. It not only cleans and tunes your machine but also gives you fine-grained control over numerous privacy and security settings. Give your PC the total security makeover with high-security products from Ashampoo!

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