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Ashampoo® Windows Product Key Viewer⁠ NEW!

Easily retrieve your Windows product key

Windows Product Key Viewer

The fast freeware tool to retrieve your Windows product key!

Sometimes you need to know your Windows product key, but where was it again? Ashampoo Windows Product Key Viewer solves this problem in an instant. This handy freeware allows you to easily retrieve your Windows key for various versions ofWindows 10, and Windows 11. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and securely display your key without having to search for stickers or old emails. Ashampoo Windows Product Key Viewer saves you time and effort!

When do I need my Windows product key?

Windows reinstallations

When you want to reinstall Windows or install it on a new device, you'll need your Windows key to activate the product.

System upgrades

When upgrading to a higher/newer version of Windows (e.g., from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro), your original product key may be required.

Hardware modifications

When major hardware components like the motherboard are replaced, Windows may require your product key for reactivation.

Troubleshooting and support

In case of activation issues or when dealing with technical support, your product key may be needed to verify your license.

License transfers

If you want to transfer your Windows license to another device, you'll need your product key to activate it on the new device.

Backup and documentation

It's always a good idea to document and securely store your Windows key in case it's needed in the future. This is especially important if you don't have a physical copy or proof of purchase.

Virtual machines

When setting up virtual machines (VMs), you may need to enter your Windows product key to activate your installation.

Software auditing and inventorization

In corporate environments, the Windows product key is often retrieved to verify software installations and maintain an inventory of installed software.

As you can see, knowing your Windows product key can be very useful. With Ashampoo Windows Product Key Viewer, you can retrieve it in a flash. The program is and will always remain free!

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