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Accelerated Vision ZOOM Video #2⁠ NEW!

High-quality video scaling with Deep Learning!

$ 33
$ 55
ZOOM Video #2

High-quality video scaling with Deep Learning!

ZOOM Video #2 is a high-performance video editing program that combines all the latest technology for greater video quality, speed and creative control.

The underlying technology features innovative Super Symmetric Smart Patches (SSSP) that enable accurate analysis of every single pixel to achieve high-quality scaling. Unlike traditional scaling methods, ZOOM Video #2 maintains the detail and quality of the original video and avoids common issues such as blurring and artefacts. Another major benefit is the high processing speed achieved thanks to the new configurable short-term memory. This function lets the program process video data more efficiently, which reduces editing times significantly.

All in all, ZOOM Video #2 is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly solution for a huge range of applications. In particular, increase the quality and resolution of family videos, weddings or other events – ZOOM Video #2 offers the right setting for every scaling task.

  • New “algorithmic short-term memory” method for making scaling up to ten times quicker
  • New method for natural contours: gamma aliasing in 5 steps
  • 5 Deep Learning quality modes
  • Scaling of up to 4K (UHD) is possible
  • New: GPU support for video compression and decompression
  • Load video formats: mpeg4 (h.264/h.265), wmv, webm, avi, flv, asf, mov, mkv, mxf, mp2
  • Save video formats: mpeg4 (h.264), avi (uncompressed)
  • Video artefact reduction
  • Cut videos (determine start/end) and flexibly set the image rate
  • Highly optimised multi-processor support
  • Integrated blur correction for optimal contour reconstruction

In the scaling module, it offers a new, innovative procedure called "Algorithmic Short-Term Memory," which accelerates video scaling by up to 10 times. For better scaling quality, it offers new additional quality modes – the "5-Excellent" mode is now available. The new gamma aliasing feature provides natural contours in 5 levels and enables video scaling up to an impressive UHD 4K.

You also get a large number of general improvements, including, an adjustable opacity for processing templates (presets), GPU support for loading and saving video files and a freely adjustable frame rate (FPS) for each video.

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